Bols Yogurt Liqueur

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 30 (15%)
Price: $18 750ML

A nicely done yogurt liqueur very much like a light form of advocaat and quite mixable.

Notes: Bols is widely noted for one of the larger and better portfolios of liqueurs offered worldwide. They include over 34  different liqueurs and also have a couple of relatively new (to the US market anyway) Genevers a younger version unaged version and a slightly older barrel aged version.
This is their newest offering and it is a distinct departure from their usual rainbow of colors and flavors but a welcome addition none the less !

Appearance: White, milk like appearance, on swirling reminds us of kefir or egg nog in consistency

First Impression: Kind of a cross between a very mild egg nog and kefir, with a somewhat sweetish and spicy smell to it. Almost like a very bland type of advoaat.

Taste:Very mild,slightly spicy and interesting. Very much like a very light advocaat with just a touch of sweet sour yogurt thrown in.

Drinks: Bols has a long list of potential cocktails for this particular liqueur on their website . Personally I find it quite useful along with Hendricks Gin to make a Lassi with

Bottle: Fairly typical shape for a Bols liqueur bottle but that is where the similarities end – unlike their other glass bottles this bottle is is not clear , it is coated with an opaque covering that gives the visual impression of unfired white/cream (yogurt) colored clay –  in color, outward appearance, and to some limited degree, texture.

Other: One of the advantages of this liqueur is having a (at least relatively) stable yogurt product in your bar

Final Thoughts: An interesting new liqueur to play with and add to you liquor cabinet or bar. Recommended !


Easily one of the most complex and comprehensive web pages we have come across with a wealth of information about almost any facet of their empire you chose to explore. Thankfully laid out in a very easy to navigate format, it sets the standard by which other websites should strive for or be judged. Amazing amount of information and more cocktail recipes than most can conceive. They also have a special iPad version of their cocktail recipes that is real eye candy on a retina display for the alcohol oriented.

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