Bootlegger 21 Gin

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Proof: 94 (47%)
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Unlike a lot of Gins, Gluten Free and Kosher

Notes: Located in Roscoe, New York (about halfway between Toronto Canada and New York City) in a newly renovated Firehouse, Prohibition Distillery is the home of Bootlegger 21 Vodka and now, Bootlegger 21 Gin.
Made is small handcrafted batches from a corn spirit base. This gin is made from their corn base vodka with the addition of botanicals.

Appearance: A limpid pool of gin goodness,clear, almost saplike with a silvery oiliness to it as it swirls in the glass. It throws a fairly light coat on the glass on swirling with a defined edge line dotted with tears

First Impression: Rather juniper forward compared to many New World Gins, more in the style of a London Dry with a full on juniper presence but tempered with the earthiness of orris root

Taste: A nicely lean and racy gin, with a good juniper presence, balanced by citrus and earthy notes from a careful selection of botanicals. Nicely bracing without being abrasive, the juniper pairs nicely with the other components rounding out a fresh smooth gin.

Drinks: Works in any of the classics with no surprises and plays well with all other ingredients.

Bottle: A real standout of a bottle.Rectangular flask shape, much in the style of an old medicine ( but not apothecary) bottle with a full panel pressed glass design of opium poppies on the back panel that hovers above ( and through the finely detailed label that resembles a stock certificate in color and graphics ( but while having raised printing, sadly does not have engraving/intaglio type printing to compliment the rest of it)

Other: The recipe contains juniper, coriander, lemon verbena, Seville orange peel , and orris root. Bootlegger Gin is distilled from 100% corn and is Gluten Free and Certified Kosher.”

Final Thoughts: A rather stripped down to essentials London Dry style, but unlike many London Dry gins, gluten free and kosher to boot .It has all the essentials of a classic London Dry Gin with fewer botanicals than some, but makes them more identifiable in their identity

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