Bottle Wise Duo Bottle Carrier

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The best bottle carrier ever ! If you care about the bottles you want to carry or put in your luggage, get this.

ItemBottle Wise Duo

ITEM TYPE: Bottle carrier
MAKER: Bottle Wise
COST: $50 U.S. Depending on size (plus shipping)

OVERVIEW: New carrier for wine or liquor bottles to either carry on your person or to put in your checked luggage when flying.

These are designed to get your wine or spirits to where you are going without the usual worries about breakage, leakage and having your travel wardrobe totaled to boot.

Appearance: Well made, good heavy cordura nylon (think high-grade luggage) with heavy clear plastic internal pouches with double waterproof seals, heavy-duty plastic buckles and a shoulder strap with good quality anodized metal snaps and metal D-Ring attachments at attachment points – try finding that anywhere else!

First Impression: Tough, durable, well thought-out design. Easy-to-use and well laid-out, leakproof bags are excellent. Individual cordura nylon pouches are detachable.Two bags snap in to an outer cover/roll that buckle into what will look like a purse or messenger bag.

Testing: Leak proof after putting upside down for hours and spending days in a bag that the airline couldn’t find. Worked everywhere with a minimum of problems. Flew on a number of flights with it in the checked luggage with no problems either in performance or complaints from the TSA.

Final Thoughts: Best and most practical bottle transport bag I have come across and believe me I have used a lot. Being a bit of a bag freak, always looking for something better – it would be hard to top this in ease of use, durability,design and peace of mind. I’ve jumped with parachutes that were less well made than this bag. It is now my bag of choice to carry my spirits in. Lifetime unlimited warranty and made in USA – two unfortunately highly unusual things these days – and well worth making the decision to buy these rather than some cheap bag that will not work as well. If failure is not an option and a lifetime of service is, this is the bag to get.

It is a touch pricey compared to some of the cheaper bags out there but if you consider the price of what you are protecting (and those clothes too) it is well worth it for the quality of the bag and the peace of mind it will bring.


Good informative website with pictures and tips for safe traveling (for the wine or spirits).


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