Burnside Bourbon

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 96 (48%)
Age: 4 Years Old
Price: $27.99 750 ML

Interesting micro bourbon from the West Coast.

Notes: An interesting and hard to find micro distilled bourbon. It uses a mash bill which calls for  71 percent corn (20% more than the legal minimum and adding more sweetness) and is distilled in Portland Oregon.

Appearance: Winter wheat  gold, nicely clear,on swirling leaves a nice even coat on the glass with some small legs forming.

First Impression: Corn, rye, sweet sour with vanilla, oak and cinnamon.  A somewhat lean bouquet, but none the less a bit hopeful.

Taste: Fairly oaky start with a lot of char, a fleeting sweetness then even more oak interspersed with vanilla, cinnamon, burnt sugar/caramel notes, grain and some traces of dark fruit or fruitcake. It does have a lot of random flavor at points, kind of jumbled together.  Not the most integrated whiskey from a flavor standpoint, but it is a young whiskey.

Drinks: Stands up in a drink well, not a delicate flower that wilts when mixed. Makes a Great Old Fashioned or Horses Neck.

Bottle: Clear glass bottle with a black neck and screw cap.Label is a parchment colored paper label with an old photo of the Confederate General Burnside with some very impressive mutton chops ( and indeed the father of the term sideburns) and some not very inspired lettering. Frankly the label could use some better artwork

Other: Unfortunately there is not a lot of other information on this whiskey. We will keep digging and hope to expand this review in the future.

Final Thoughts: A bit pricey mostly because it is a local micro distilled product using all natural ingredients, but we try to cut people some slack because it’s not like they have an economy of scale lie the heavyweights in the industry. That and the fact that it is certainly a lot cheaper than a few others that sell for more money for a ½ bottle from downstate here in New York so looking from that standpoint this whiskey is quite reasonable for the quality you get. The whiskey certainly bears trying, and we hope to try their other expression of bourbon ( a double wood aged)  and other products and report back.



While there is a Burnside Bourbon Webpage it is mostly a placeholder, this link will take you to the distillers page for this bourbon along with links to all their other products (quite numerous) too.

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