Cabana Cachaca

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 6 months
Price: $35.00 - 750 ML
Price Range:

Double distilled in pot stills, aged, and capable of being sipped by itself. Not your gardeners cachaca !

Notes: This is not the usual type cachaca that you would find in Brazil, its native country – by usual, I mean the cheap aquadiente (firewater)-type alcohol that is drunk by the poor and used by the better off to fuel their cars. There are 1000’s of brands of Cachaca in Brazil most of which are thankfully NOT imported here. Prior to a few years ago drinking Cachaca was about as stylish as drinking Mad Dog or Night Train here.

Thankfully, a number of well made higher end Cachacas have turned that around and Cachaca is now the drink in Europe (I couldn’t throw a rock and not hit a bar in Paris that wasn’t proudly serving it) and it is starting to catch on in the better parts of America.

This one further differentiates itself from the pack in the following ways: 1. It uses dedicated sugar cane for cachaca from the Sao Paolo area (not whatever someone brings in), and 2. it is double distilled in copper pot stills, (not in a mass production column still). However, this one is aged for 6 months in large uncharred oak barrels to mellow a while (most cachaca is not aged).

Appearance: Silvery limpid pool, on swirling, legs develop then small sparkling droplets form a constellation on the nosing glass.
First Impression: Sweet, yeasty, lemon grass, herbal/ floral notes,well distilled- no off-notes.
Taste: Very smooth and spritely on the tongue, slight oak and pepper notes edges on the tongue with citrus, lemon grass and salty overtones with a whisper of . . . Delicious! Light oily mouthfeel to it and a lingering dry finish with a warm glow.

Drinks: The drinks we tried (many from their website) were good-to-excellent.This cachaca could also be used as a substitute for a citron vodka in a Cosmopolitan or any other drink calling for a slightly citrusy or lemon vodka.

Cigars: Good with a lighter type/size of cigar or cigarillo. Ashton, Davidoff or Romeo Y Julieta?

Bottle/Packaging: A rather simple clear glass bottle, cylindrical in shape, with sharp shoulder to small neck and heavy glass base. Seems like a cross between an apothecary bottle and a decanter. Rather stylized graphics silk screened onto the bottle don’t obscure the naked purity of the cachaca.
Final Thoughts: The longer aging in barrels seems to mellow the cachaca without losing its spritely taste- taming the cachaca without losing its heart. Our only complaint is it is a bit pricey compared to other cachaca. If it was in the $25 range it would get a much higher rating in the value/price ratings.

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