Camus Borderies VSOP Cognac

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Proof: 80 (40 %)
Age: VSOP ( at least 4 years)
Price: $60 750 ML
Bottle of Camus Borders VSOP Cognac

If you like cognac, you need to buy a bottle of this for your collection and expand your cognac horizons.If you don’t normally drink cognac, try this one, it will change your mind.

Notes: Camus is the only remaining major family-owned Cognac Houses in the world. Founded in 1863 it is now owned by the 5th generation of the Camus family and Is located on a beautiful and scenic property with a delightful Chateau still owned by the family and used as a tasting room and center for meeting and some epic dinners. link to some of our photos from some visits to Camus can be found here.

Camus makes a number of different expressions and ages but this is definitely one of the more unique ones as it comes from the Borderies Cognac Appellation an AOC-specified area of Cognac that is well outside where most cognacs that Americans are familiar with and is rarely seen in the United States. The soil is very much different than the almost solid chalk soil of the more central growth area and has a lot more clay which adds to the violets and tree nut nuances found in a Borderies cognac.

Appearance: Copper-colored in the bottle, gold in the glass, on swirling it leaves a light smooth and oily coat on the glass with small droplets and stars forming as the meniscus recedes

First Impression: Deep, saplike, slightly syrupy, and spicy. layered and complex, it is fruity, nutty, and spicy. Sweetness and aromatic, yet dense flavors come across waiting to be unwrapped in your nose.

Taste: Nutty, caramel, grapes, and touches of allspice – a good deal more complex and multi-layered than a number of other cognacs – delicious! Mouthfeel is oily and satiny gently embracing your tongue

Drinks: Makes for a lovely and complex Sidecar. Also plays nicely with champagne in a French 75. Also do not overlook this one as a sipper in a decent tasting glass ( please skip the nose burner snifter balloons and use a proper glass).

Bottle: A sleek take on a brandy or Armagnac bottle with a nicely sloped shoulder and a narrowing bottom in a good grade of french crystal type glass with the house sigil impressed on the shoulder of the bottle

The simple but tasteful label is reminiscent of the data-filled type you find on sample bottles listing the type, number, lot number, etc., and pointing out it is a single estate cognac and not a blend. Bottlecap is a large copper-colored affair with a screw cap closure made to look more like a decanter top than a plain screw-on cap. Cap is well-fitting/sealing, and while a cork might be more romantic, makes for a better seal and no floaters from a cork deteriorating over time.

Other: A great cognac to pair with a cigar

Final Thoughts: A unusual cognac that is definitely a departure from the usual in a refreshing way. Almost more like an Armagnac than a Cognac and well done overall.


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