Casamigos Tequila Blanco

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 2 months in Stainless Steel Tanks ( No Wood )
Price: $42.99 750ML
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Forget about all those traumatic experiences with Celebrity backed or endorsed spirits – this one is actually excellent.

Notes: While there are any number of celebrity ventures in the wine trade (such as the Coppola wines, Sopranos, David Matthews, etc.,), there seem to be much fewer in spirits (Ice T with OG Brandy, Dan Akroyd with Crystal Skull, etc.,). The only other Tequila that was a celebrity  sponsored (meaning they actually put money in it rather than just paid to endorse it) was Cabo Wabo Tequila, easily one of the most overpriced and vile tasting tequilas I have ever had. Thankfully this tequila breaks that  mold in several respects.  Conceived from its inception as a premium tequila that does not need salt and lime to mask its faults with salt and lime like many of the lesser tequilas ( of which there are legion out there) Casmigos is a highland tequila made from agaves at least seven years old ( many cheaper or at least lower quality tequilas use much younger agaves around 3 years old). At 7 years old the agave develop a much more pronounced terrior from the volcanic and mineral rich soil soil of the highlands which makes a highland tequila such a wonderful and flavorful product easily distinguished from its lowland cousins. A few other points of note are the very long cooking of the pinas (more than 10 times the industry standard at 72 hours to fully cook and caramelize the sugars) in stone hornitos ovens rather than those steel boxes many use that look like wood drying kilns for lumber, a very slow and prolonged and quite cold fermentation  of 80 hours – double the industry standard, the use of the bagasse in part of the fermentation is also a unique process. The use of a colder fermentation sharply reduces the off byproducts of a fermentation so you do not have to correct through distillation and filtration the nasty tasting and hangover inducing compounds found in many cheap  tequilas. Overall the entire process by the master distiller (who unlike some distillers only makes this one product) is a very slow, painstaking, and unique distillation process that yields and excellent tequila.

Appearance: Clear, bright almost sparkling in the glass.On swirling it leaves a delicate coating on the glass with tears along the edgeline forming slowly followed by legs forming at almost precise intervals.

First Impression: Fruity with some agave,vegetal notes  without the waxy notes you get from lesser  tequilas.Casamigos also has a lovely subset of mineral notes which give the luscious citrus, papaya, and mango  notes something to hang from provide a nicely structured and exceedingly clean distillation. A very lush and very much distinctive tequila that really lets you know its terrior as a highland tequila with an agave bouquet that lets you know it has reached maturity and ripeness and was slowly distilled rather than some immature rushed to market offering.

Taste:  Creamy silky mouth feel followed by lovely lingering notes of volcanic basalt,alkali and citrus provide a lingering slightly lemony finish that enrobes the tongue with a pleasantly drying sensation with no born but a thirst for more.

Drinks: Frankly this is more than good enough to sip in a decent nosing glass just by itself so you can fully appreciate the nuances, which is not the case with most tequilas. In our extensive testing we found its subtle but distinct character shined in almost any drink we made it in but please avoid wasting it in anything frozen or worse yet using it with any pre made mixes. Out of respect to yourself and this tequila use only fresh ingredients – your taste buds and head will thank you.

Bottle: A fairly no nonsense,minimalist type of bottle. Clear glass, fairly standard whiskey or spirit bottle with a label that draws the eye for what is not there – this looks like a lab sample label more than a brand label, with a type that looks like it was typed on a typewriter and signed by George Clooney and Rande Gerber ( facsimiles of their signatures actually), with a bottle number on the label also. Package is topped with a natural cork closure with a wooden top and a paper seal.A slightly charming retro minimalist approach to labeling and bottling that is in a way refreshing from the packaging arms race all the other producers seem to be engaging in.

Other: Slowly, possibly obsessively, made with quality sacrificing quantity, this tequila shows an integrity both in its making and the final product.

Final Thoughts: Highly recommended as a nicely done, delicate, and mature specimen of a tequila. A worthy addition to any tequila aficionados collection – just don’t keep it to yourself.

Website starts off with a somewhat tongue in cheek movie/video of what could happen if you over indulged, but little beyond that. Seriously lacks much information about the distillation process details that many tequila aficionados crave.
While stylishly done it needs more real content to make it interesting.

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