Certeza Blanco

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Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $40.00 750 ML
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Notes: This tequila is distilled and bottled on the Beckman Estate in just outside the town of Tequila (yes, there is a town called that) in the state of Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This family has a tradition of almost 200 years of making tequila, making them easily the oldest tequila makers anywhere. Former partners in José Cuervo, they have decided to go on their own and are now producing this tequila. The agaves grown on this estate have a pedigree equally long – longer than those strains of yeast certain bourbon makers go on about.

Double distilled -all tequilas are – the difference here is they use traditional alembics (less romantically known and somewhat generically as pot) cognac stills and aged in used Bourbon and French oak barrels. This practice of using barrels is in contrast to some of the more commercial companies who use wood vats big enough to live in – giving the tequila a good bit more flavor and aging characteristics than the later. This is the Blanco (Silver) expression of this particular line.The others being Certeza Reposado and Certeza Anejo.

Appearance: Crystal clear body, silvery, no sediment on swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass with very long legs forming.

First Impression: Not a lot of bouquet on this one.Thin ,but slick body.

Taste: JP-4 (Jet Fuel #4 -Kerosene) and assorted solvents. Unpleasant, hot, and has soaplike aftertaste that coats the tongue.

Drinks: Lends itself to simple drinks-tonic and lime – but nothing with heavy flavors such as fruit drinks but anything more and it disappears – which is not necessarily a bad thing. . .

Cigars: Very mild cigar.

Final Thoughts: Thin body and bouquet, terrible taste, expensive. I’m sorry but I just don’t get this one.

Bottle: Looks like a 1950’s liquor bottle or maybe a perfume bottle with side pieces that remind me of a Soviet heavy lift rocket – Which is appropriate given the taste. Tasteful black label with silver lettering. Large circular decorative stopper made of wood with a sun on moorish sun on horizon design with a cork. Although the shink wrap is poorly scored and requires a knife to remove the final band around the neck. (At least you could use the tequila for disinfecant if you slip). Looks very nice on a bar- stands out from the rustico recycled glass crowd.

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