Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Finish Irish whiskey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 87.2 (43.6)
Age: Blend of 8 and 10 Year Old Whiskies
Price: $38.99 750 ML
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Bottle of Clpnakilty Irish Whiskey

Delicious, smooth and reasonably priced. Environmentally responsible, and well made using practices that take more time and money, but not reflected in its price.

Notes: Clonakilty Distillery is located on the southernmost tip of Ireland on the Atlantic seacoast. Their warehouse is located close enough to the seashore to get the benefits of a marine environment in terms of its influence on the aging of their casks – certainly not as extreme as Lagavulin in Islay ( where waves have been known to break OVER their warehouses) but overall a positive impact in terms of moist salt air and adding to the terrior of the whiskey. The water used in both distillation and proofing is also a hopeful sign – it is deep well water – not some fear of flavor or mouthfeel RO (reverse osmosis). Their barley is also grown by them and in the same Atlantic environment to again give it more terrior.
It is a sad but lesser-known fact that most barley for both Scotch and Irish whiskey in particular, where they are the main ingredients, and also, of course, used in most other grain whiskey mashbill to a lesser degree, is considered by most to be a simple commodity to be bought in bulk at the lowest cost from anywhere it can be grown and shipped from. This leads to much less character and terrior from a lot of brands. Clonakilty is one of the few Irish Whiskey brands to go to all this trouble for their brand.

This particular expression is an interesting mix of an 8-year-old grain whiskey and a triple-distilled 10-year-old malt whiskey matured in American oak casks ( assuming a once-used bourbon barrel) and finished re-charred European ex-wine casks.

It should be noted that they have quite a few different expressions of whiskey both in age and wood finishes within their portfolio ( please refer to their website below) so if you like this one the rest of the family should be interesting also.


Appearance: Clear pale gold in the glass. Not a huge amount of oak char influence showing. On swirling, a very even light coat on the glass with tears forming on the meniscus, followed by some thin legs forming at intervals.

First Impression: Grain, malt, and fruit at first. Honey, beeswax, and vanilla notes start to come into play, followed by spicy canele and baking spices notes. Wood and barrel notes are light and playful, overall a very harmonious mix.

Taste: Honeyed entry, nicely oily medium body with the well-integrated and tight flavor profile of the grain/malt with light fruity notes (apples, pear, peach, and maybe quince.

Drinks: A great and smooth Irish whiskey that works nicely for a whiskey base cocktail or as an additional modifier for other cocktails. And yes, works well in an Irish coffee.

Bottle: Tasteful execution of both label and choice of the bottle itself. Heavy decanter bottom, with a slight flare to rounded shoulders, gives it elegant lines. White label with dark blue bottom and graphics give it a quiet but noticeable in a quiet way.

Other: One of the better new Irish whisky distilleries we have come across lately.

Final Thoughts: Well-made, delicious, and subtle.

It’s fast-loading and visually appealing but not the most informative website ( at least for whiskey geeks). Worth a look, but probably have to keep digging somewhere else to get much information

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