Cockspur Spiced

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  • Value: 6
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Proof: 44 (22%)
Price: $19.99 750 ML
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Very mild, pleasant enough but rather low proof and a touch too understated.


Notes: Distilled in Barbados in the Caribbean and using water from the limestone aquifer and filtered through coral stone. Blend of Bajan rum aged in oak barrels. Younger sibling of the Cockspur Fine Rum and   Cockspur 12 year old .

Appearance: Clear amber colored .On swirling it leaves a light coat on the glass with oily legs forming

First Impression: Toffee, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon,clove

Taste: OK after reminding myself this is only 44 proof… Caramel, clove, vanilla with cinnamon in a very mild rum with a pleasantly lingering finish

Drinks: Not overly sure on these. Tiki drinks mostly

Bottle: Short antique type bell shaped clear glass bottle with mostly rectangular  shaped paper label with red lettering, gold highlights at top and bottom and drawing of Rooster (in multiple colors and antique style).Red  neck screw on cap , Nice minimalist package. Clear glass shows off the color of the rum nicely

Other: rad

Final Thoughts: While we enjoy the other expressions of Cockspur, this one leaves us a bit perplexed. While the spicing is good and balanced the low proof makes it difficult to make a cocktail using it as a base, A modifier perhaps, but as a base it is just a bit to weak.Well done spicing but too much dilution.


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