The Cocktail Competition Handbook

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I wish this was written years ago. Would have saved me a lot of headaches .
It would also have been a huge benefit to some of the competitors I have seen over the many years of being a judge at competitions

Title : The Cocktail Competition Handbook
Subtitle : None
Author : Andy Ives
Publisher: Mixellany Limited
Binding: Softcover, 110 pages,
Cost: $12.95 US
REVIEWED BY: Chris Carlsson, Spirits

Notes: Written by a noted English spirits competition judge and editor at BarLife UK and published by Mixellany Ltd in England.

This is a relatively short book at 11o pages but it is very concise and packed full of information . At times irreverent and funny, it is always on point and full of valuable information on how to participate in cocktail competitions and almost every aspect that you should consider and train for.
The first part of the book has extensive information about how choose  a competition  and preparing it. It then tackles the thorny problem of the drink(s) itself and winds up with possibly the hardest parts – the  presentation of both the drink and yourself, with excellent tips on  how to behave, dress, etc,.

In the second part of the book is invaluable information for judges on how to judge, what to look for etc., a chapter on organizing a cocktail competition, along competition journal templates and check lists to keep your public humiliation to a minimum

Final Thoughts: If nothing else this book should if followed minimize public embarrassment and shaming if followed closely.
It may also reduce your stage fright by helping you get everything more or less under control as much as you and it can.
Good Luck !, and try not to die like a dog.

O.K. that was overly cynical even by my standards, It is an excellent book on the subject and one of the few we are aware of that covers these public degradation ceremonials we call cocktail competitions. Read it , Learn it, practice, and go out and win awards !


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