Cocktail Elephants

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A Iconic Pink Elephant for a cute little addition to your cocktail bauble collection.

ITEM TYPE: Cocktail Glass Decoration/Bauble

OVERVIEW: A amusing item to hang of a martini glass or to dress up one of those fruity Trader Vic type drinks, give that 50’s feel to the party, or make a comment about delirium tremens. We also reviewed the Cocktail Demons, Monkeys, and Black Cats that you can also use to distinguish whose drink is 

Appearance: Decently made molding,fair amount of detail, one color-pink.

First Impression: Shiny bright hard clear plastic about 1 3/4 inches long.

Testing: Hung on to all the glasses we put them on even shallow martini glasses. Hangs on fairly well, not easy to break. Since the trunk is not curved at the very end (like the monkey or cat tails), you could also use them as earrings too.

Final Thoughts: A amusing piece of whimsy to dress up a drink and help people keep track of which drink is theirs. Make a great gift for or a drinks enthusiast, elephant fans, or a warning.

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