Commando Whiskers Classic Beard Oil by Brooklyn Grooming

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Price: $29 1 oz bottle
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An excellent all natural unscented beard oil. Great product to make that beard shiny, groomed and manageable.

Notes: Brooklyn Grooming is a small grooming products company based in a studio in Brooklyn. They make a number of products including Shaving Oil, beard Oil, Facial Serum, Mustache Wax, Old School Pomade, Classic Beard Balm, and Tattoo Balm. Made from natural and if it all possible organic or vegan ingredients their products ( unlike many other grooming products which use a host of ingredients that could poison you if taken internally)

Appearance: Sparkling clear, green yellow like a good absinthe made from fresh wormwood,

First Impression: While this is labeled as unscented –  as in no perfume or scent added to the ingredients (hence the moniker Commando as in no underwear and ready to go) it does have some naturally occurring scent to it by nature of the ingredients themselves, but they are very light pleasant fragrances of jojoba seed oil, sesame oil, and hemp seed, light enough to escape notice quite rapidly and unobtrusive – unlike some other oils whose scent clings like grim death.

Testing: Easy to use, Just put some on your palm and smooth it over your beard to work it in a little . Makes your beard smooth and as glistening as an otter, and also tames those wild hairs that want to stick out at right angles to everything else. Easy to apply and the high quality dropper makes it easy to titrate/dispense your oil with a minimum of waste. Pleasant very slight smell to it that rapidly dissipates . Allows the beard to be styled a bit more easily and gives a nice ‘Yes, I care about my appearance look’ to your overall style.

Field Use: We used it out in the sun and the rain and it holds up nicely. Our beard got more notice ( in a positive way) and made us look less like we were part of the Ted Kaczyinski  fan club.
Do be aware that it may stain or leave a little residue on clothes in the first few minutes after application so be a little mindful of that ( or your significant others clothes ) .

Bottle: Small ( 1 fluid ounce) dark brown glass apothecary bottle with eyedropper top with an old school real black rubber and glass eyedropper – not some noxious nylon substitute dropper. Look is retro/classic with old style type and graphics, and with a high contrast background, refreshingly easy to read – unlike the bulk of grooming products these days.

Other: All natural ingredients – unlike a huge percentage of  grooming products out there. Most others contain some petroleum/hydrocarbon products and other ingredients you wouldn’t use on your car, so why put them on your face ?

Final Thoughts: Think of it as a natural conditioner for your beard, softens, shines and adds a little gloss to that beard and distinguish yourself as someone who wears and cares for his beard with pride. Helps set you apart from the homeless and the slovenly beard wearers.


A simple but well organized set of pages with good photos and information on all their myriad products. In an age of flash heavy,whiz bang type websites it is refreshing to see a simple,tasteful and informative website that you can navigate with a minimum of fuss and bother to get to the information you want. We doff our hats to them !, Well done !

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