Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Cooler

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  • Value: 8
Price: $59 - $89 U.S. (plus shipping) depending on model

Quiet,fast, works well.

ItemCooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Cooler

ITEM TYPEBeverage Cooler
MAKER : Revolutionary Cooling System, Inc.
COST : $59 – $89 U.S.  (plus shipping) depending on model

OVERVIEW: The Cooper Cooler is a quick cooling and chilling device for wine, beer, soda, or that bottle of vodka you forgot to throw in the freezer or warmed up on the table. This machine chills cans 90 times faster than a refrigerator or 40 times faster than a freezer.

Appearance: Decently made, looks like some sort of European toaster. Small foootprint- not a counter hog.

First Impression: Easy-to-read and understand directions (always important), stable, relatively quiet. Easy- to-set up.

Testing: We followed the simple directions, fill with ice and 2 cups (approx.) of water and inserted our test bottles and cans. We used a bottle of wine and a thermometer to test the claims on wine cooling and it worked well. The bottle was chilled to the correct temperature in 6 minutes with no problems.

Small bottles and cans of beer,soda, juice all came out cold and didn’t froth or spurt all over us afterwards. The no-spin option is great for a sedimented or delicate wine. It was relatively quiet for an appliance (a great deal quieter than a blender) so it was not disruptive, and many people found it interesting to watch and the noise didn’t disrupt a party.

The only downside was it did not work for some champagne bottles or 1.5 liter bottles, but that would require a much larger and heavier machine which would take up too much counter space. This one will fit most 750ml bottles, and of course smaller containers, so it is a good size for almost everything else.

Final Thoughts: In general we found it to be a wonderful thing. It does chill beverages a lot faster than a refrigerator or freezer with a minimum of fuss. It also helps alleviate those priority arguments about food vs. alcohol in a refrigerator that usually arise. It’s great for chilling something on the spur of the moment or on demand, and re-chilling items that have gotten warm as they sat out. The tailgater model would be great for on the road or on a boat as you can carry a lot more ice by leaving the beverages out of the cooler, and you can use the melt water to fill the Cooper Cooler.

As someone pointed out it also saves a lot of mess and wasted beverages from the inevitable putting something in the freezer and forgetting about it, only to find later it froze and exploded in the freezer making a horrible (and sometimes expensive mess)

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