Cowboy Comb Conditioning Beard Wash

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 10
Price: $4.99 for 3.5 OZ Bar
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A damn fine and manly soap even if they call it a conditioning beard wash so the hipsters will buy it. Works great everywhere and you can shave with it too .

Notes: Cowboy Comb is a small outfit out of Rancho Cordova, California that makes a number of (mostly) mens grooming products, which include a mustache comb, mustache wax, and this, their goats milk  beard wash (read bar soap) it also come in spearmint – but we haven’t tried that one. They also have great gift pack of combos of the above items at very reasonable prices (especially compared to some of these new boutique shaving places in high end malls – I’ve paid less for cars for what they want for a shaving brush). Everything including the combs is made in the USA ! (Trying finding any comb made in the US anymore). Anyway, the soap is made from all natural ingredients, no petroleum products and from local beeswax and Shea butter and essential oils.

Appearance: Soap bar is about 2 1/4 inches wide , 2 3/4 inches long  and 1 inch thick (45 x 65 x25 mm) and is a off white or cream color with no inclusions or bits in it- uniform color and bars are cut ( rather than mold) to size/weight

First Impression: Nice creamy, herbal, spicy notes with a definite, but not overwhelming masculine spin to it.  A good manly smell without overdoing it.

Testing: Works well lather up well, easy to hang onto, and is soft enough to lather easily and nicely, but does not turn into a pile of wet mush either.

Field Use: Softens up skin and hair nicely and gives facial hair a nice gloss afterwards. Lathers easily and well for shaving too ! Smell is pleasantly masculine yet understated – hey only kids and lounge lizards go in for that stuff you can use to follow someone though a crowd – this is pitched at just the right level of scent.

Packaging: Simple tan colored paper band with black edging and old style graphics.Old bronze colored sealing wax seal with the  Cowboy Comb logo on it seals the band to the soap.

Other: 100% natural ingredients. Made in the USA so you can look stylish and support American workers !

Final Thoughts: Finally a soap for a man that is not some chemical hell broth, makes you smell like a sailor, or some sissified herbal soap that smells like perfume. Well played gentleman and cowboys !


Good straightforward website with all they have to offer. Good graphics, loads fast and easy to navigate.Other links for Instagram and Twitter to follow them and make you and your mustache famous.


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