Cowboy Comb Mustache Comb

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A damn good, well made mustache comb made in the USA YEEHAW!

Notes: Cowboy Comb is a small outfit out of Rancho Cordova, California that makes a number of (mostly) mens grooming products, which include a mustache wax, goats milk or spearmint beard wash (read bar soap).Everything including the combs is made in the USA ! (Trying finding any comb made in the US anymore)

Appearance: 3 3/4 inches/100 mm more or less and made from a hard plastic, they come in a variety of colors, black,white, and for those truly secure in their masculinity, pink.There is old a gold  finished stainless steel version for $100 that we have not tested also.

First Impression: A good solid comb that fit in the pocket ( and even in a watch pocket in your jeans)>Made of strong plastic that does not flex or bend much. Ridges and overall size make it easy to handle.

Testing: Works well with what seems to be just the right fineness or gaps between the teeth of the comb to comb a mustache without it feeling like a field interrogation yet doing an excellent job of sorting out that facial hair.

Field Use: fits in pockets nicely, stays put, small enough to carry but big enough to handle easily and get things done. Fits the hand well and not slippery. Easy to locate in pocket but does not poke,scratch or cause other problems.

Packaging: Comes in a small plastic bag with cardboard backing/hanger package with attractive graphics and has barcode on back for stocking/pricing for larger stores.

Other: Made in the USA so you can look stylish and support American workers !

Final Thoughts: Well designed, built to last and cheap enough not to worry about if you lose it somewhere. Practically unbreakable – unless you are really trying anyway. A great gift or personal accessory to keep that subnasal caterpillar tamed.


Good straightforward website with all they have to offer. Good graphics, loads fast and easy to navigate.Other links for Instagram and Twitter to follow them and make you and your mustache famous.

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