Cowboy Comb Mustache Wax

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  • Value: 10
Price: $5.99 1/2 Oz or $14.99 2 Oz
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Great industrial strength mustache wax in an industrial strength tin.

Notes: Cowboy Comb is a small outfit out of Rancho Cordova, California that makes a number of (mostly) mens grooming products, which include a mustache comb, goats milk or spearmint beard wash (read bar soap). They also have great gift pack of combos of the above items at very reasonable prices (especially compared to some of these new boutique shaving places in high end malls – I’ve paid less for cars for what they want for a shaving brush). Everything including the combs is made in the USA ! (Trying finding any comb made in the US anymore). Anyway the wax is made from all natural ingredients, no petroleum products and from local beeswax and Shea butter and essential oils.

Appearance: Tin is about 2 inches wide and 1/2 inches thick (40 x 20 mm) and built heavier than a Korean import car.Wax is white and unscented ( read very little scent at all )

First Impression:  Quite hard but pliable when you work it a bit, it goes on and stays on keeping everything in place quite nicely. It disappears quickly into your mustache and gives you a stiff, almost sculptural hold if you put a fair amount on.

Testing: Works well for styling and holding with almost no detectable smell. Held up all day to vigorous exercise, eating and even a short swim. Does wash out easily with soap and water.

Field Use: Moderately easy to apply, use and style with easy clean up or removal. Not oily like some mustache wax and keeps your style. A very stiff type of mustache wax. If you like this type of style it will serve you well, otherwise a milder, softer type of wax might be recommended . Did not interfere with drinks or spirits evaluations and kept the mustache in place more than any other product we tested so far.

Packaging: Comes in a good solid tin about the size of a half dollar that won’t crush – thick and heavy duty. Attractive graphics and the part I like best? It has a screw on top that you can open or close one-handed. It also stays put but is easy to open, some tins you really need to pry those lids off – this one is a joy to open and survives impacts and crushing force better than you ever will.

Other: Made in the USA so you can look stylish and support American workers !

Final Thoughts: When you absolutely, positively want to make that mustache submit to your will this is the wax to use. Also great that it is unscented so it does not interfere with food or drink activities.


Good straightforward website with all they have to offer. Good graphics, loads fast and easy to navigate.Other links for Instagram and Twitter to follow them and make you and your mustache famous.

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