Cutwater Spirits Rum Mint Mojito

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 8
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 11.8 (5.9%)
Price: $5 12 oz can or $12.99 4 Pack
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Really an outstanding canned cocktail, far exceeding my expectations.

Notes: This is our first review of anything by Cutwater Spirits. The distillery is located in San Diego and is quite a stunner from all the pictures I’ve seen and produces a entire portfolio of spirits and a series of canned cocktails.

This is their Rum Mint Mojito which comes in a can and made with their own white rum.The other ingredients are Lime and mint soda water and natural cane sugar. Normally we are not fans of  canned or premade cocktails as they are usually made of some hell broth of chemical equivalents of flavors and the cheapest grain alcohol the manufacturer can get their hands on that does not poison anyone – at least immediately.

Appearance: Clear as a bell, with no sediments or separation of ingredients ( which s a LOT harder to accomplish than many people think)

First Impression: Smells very hopeful, mint and lime as soon as you pull the tab

Taste: Actually one of the best Mojitos I have ever had- and that is saying a lot! Nicely minty without being overly aggressive and the use of real mint and lime and a decent soda water makes an immense difference. Real cane sugar is also a nice touch-too many canned cocktails use corn syrup as a sweetener which ruins the crispness of a Mojito.

Drinks: All ready to go as it is.However I personally like it a lot better in a glass over ice- it looks and feels better somehow.But there is a lot to be said for the convenience of a can too!

Bottle: Obviously in this case a can-  well done clear graphics in attractive colors.Easy to read and figure out what is in there ( unlike most new bar labels it seems).Nice drawing of all the ingredients on the back and a good little blurb too.Overall a well thought out design and graphics – definite style point for that!

Other: They make a large array of spirits and canned cocktails.

Final Thoughts: Best damn Mojito I have had outside of Havana , Cuba at La Bodeguito Del Medio .


Fast loading, fairly informative and quite attractive. Fascinating virtual tour offered on the webpage

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