Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8

Beats Angostura hands down and costs less to use !

Notes: Conjured up by the world famous Dale Degroff A.K.A King Cocktail ,bartender, mixologist, raconteur, bon vivant and all around gentleman. Produced in Saumur France in the Loire Valley area by Jade Distilling a part of the Combier Distillery which was designed by Gustav Eiffel and is a small but magnificent jewel l of a distillery. Jade also produces a number of other products such as Ted Breauxs Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe Supérieure among other great products. Dale Degroffs Pimento Aromatic Bitters is made by Ted Breaux at Combier  from a blend of secret ( for the most part) herbs and spices carefully macerated and distilled. It does use all natural and whole spices

Appearance: Clear, red brown with hints of gold in color,

First Impression: Allspice, anise, somewhat similar to Angostura in some respects but with a lot more complexity and range of interesting flavors ( and also a nod towards Peychauds too ). Nicely aromatic, good alkaline herbal bitterness to it with the allspice, bitter orange and tropical spices grounded by more

Taste: Allspice, star anise, licorice, with nutmeg, cinnamon,  bitter orange and  ginger thrown in. Possibly some genepy also or a similar tasting ingredient.

Drinks: Spans the drink categories nicely, using it from whiskey to tiki drinks and adds a depth,  complexity, and harmony to many ingredients to deliver a cocktail that is greater than the some of its parts .

Bottle: Fairly standard 5 oz clear glass bitters bottle with a black plastic screw cap closure and dasher insert.

Other: Being a tincture  type of bitter rather than a tonic type it is a lot  drier and more intensely herbal than a pimento dram

Final Thoughts: This bitters is so intense and flavorful you need very little 1 or 2 drops most of the time ( a dash is 6 drops by the way) so it actually can work out to be cheaper than Angostura. Also please check our Bitter Math page to see what the real cost of using a decent higher priced bitter is over a cheap one (hint: pennies per drink). Overall an excellent bitter


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