Dashfire Vintage Orange No. 1 Bitters

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 10
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Ingredients: ,
Proof: 94 (47%)
Age: Unknown
Price: $17 for 1.7 OZ/50 ML
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One of the Best Orange Bitters We Have Ever Had ! – And That is Saying a LOT !
Truly Outstanding in Its Field.

Notes: Dashfire has possibly one of the largest portfolios of bitters by a modern bitters makers with at least 21 different varieties and counting. They also span an interesting variety that encompass single variety flavors ( Orange, Lemon, Lime,Grapefruit, Star Anise, Sichuan, Bayleaf, Hibiscus, Allspice, Cardamom Cinnamon ,Clove , Lavender ,) and other blended type such as Spiced Apple, Creole, Aromatic, J.Thomas ,Brandy Old Fashioned, and finally, the Vagabond Series –  Mr. Lee, Chai’Walla, and Mole along with Egberts Cocktail Cherries and other delights that may be coming down the road later sometime ….

This is their barrel aged Vintage Orange which is aged in bourbon barrels WITH high quality bourbon ( not some cheap GNS or Glycerin).

Appearance: Clear dark gold reddish brown with slight herbal sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle (which to me is not a fault but an assurance this was made from herbs and not a batch of chemicals from somewhere, and lends a touch of authenticity to a product that was not processed to death)

First Impression: Orange and spices with a very hopeful aromatic bourbon smell

Taste: Delicious, spicy orange, notes of  cardamom, cinnamon, star anise,, allspice, cassia (?),  in a delicious barrel aged and mellowed bourbon base

Drinks: Whiskey, rum, and pisco drinks all seemed much improved with these bitters. A martini with Dashfire Vintage Bitters is not to be missed. An outstanding but subtle orange bitters that eclipses the competition.

Bottle: Interesting little (1.7 OZ/50 ML ) bottle. Rectangular in shape with a label band in the middle and a nylon dasher top . They also now come in slightly taler bottle with a dropper for more precise measurement or placement of bitters.

Other: Being a bourbon base , it eliminates  gluten more so than the many wheat alcohol based bitters

Final Thoughts: Well made, high quality, and complex. Works well with many different cocktails and as a food flavoring.


Well laid out, fast loading and colorful. Nice descriptions of bitters, photo gallery, where to buy, and a good recipe section with plenty of tips ( including food idea) and a useful if smallish resource guide too. Thoughtful and tastefully done website without a lot of gimmicks.

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