Deep Eddy Lime – Lime Flavored Vodka

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 9
Bottle of Deep Eddy Lime Vodka

A excellent corn based vodka using real fruit jiuces and a little sugar added to make a dangerously smooth vodka that actually tastes good. Price is also excellent for quality recieved.

Notes: As most people who know me or have read my reviews, I usually loathe flavored vodkas for the most part.  Seeing a box with flavored vodka(s) on my doorstep usually fills me with horror and despair.

That is because most of it is some cynical attempt at using some GNS alcohol and some plastic chemical flavoring sourced from a chemical plant in New Jersey to make something that tastes like Gummi Lifesavers dissolved in rubbing alcohol. The type of vodka targeted to the underage and people living under bridges and not fit for consumption by anyone with any taste or sense of shame.

Gladly, Deep Eddy Lime Vodka is nothing like that at all and exceeded all our ( minimal – see above) expectations on almost every point by which we critique flavored vodkas! Such a relief!

Corn base vodka ( so gluten-free or maybe I should say doubly gluten-free – don’t get me started on gluten and distillation…10 times distilled in a column still, filtered 4 times through charcoal, cut with Texas water, it has an excellent base to start with, then they add the limes and a touch of sugar ( straight lime juice and vodka could take the paint off a car- but good for your scurvy)

Also, they donate to the SIMS Foundations a Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Social Services organization for musicians and performers and sponsor a lot of other causes. Details Here.

Appearance: Slightly hazy – as I should be – it does contain real lime juice- lime juice green or louched absinthe in color almost, it holds together well with no sedimentation, which is damned hard to accomplish!

First Impression: Full on lime scent of juice and oils, with hints of sweetness and corn coming through nicely. Authentic smelling not of that sickly chemical equivalent of lime that most others have.

Taste: Actually damn nice and a welcome relief from the horror that most flavored vodkas engender in me. Nice balance of lime juice, lime oil, and sweetness to take off the potential rough edges without seriously dumbing down the flavor.

Drinks: a great base to build one, their Skinny Spicy Margarita is lovely ( for a milder twist use cucumber slices instead of jalapeno) and their Avocado Smash was nice too. Recipes can be found here.
Perfect with just some seltzer water over ice too. You’ll find yourself experimenting with this quite a bit!

Bottle: Bottle is clear glass to show the vodka to good effect, rounded shoulder to it with designed design on the shoulder front and back. Screwcap closure ( color-coded to variety for fast identification) and neck is a decent length for pouring

Other: Comes in several other varieties that we have not had yet ( but hope to review in the future) so far they are: Peach, Cranberry, Lemon, Lime, Original, Ruby Red, Orange, and  Sweet Tea.

Final Thoughts: Definitely one of the better-flavored vodkas we have had in a while ! Cheap too considering the quality!


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