Delamain Très Venerable

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 50 Years ( Blend - Approx)
Price: $399.00 750ML
Price Range:

Lovely, spare and understated but the next one down is half the price.

Notes: Delamain is a family-run Cognac House and one of the older houses still in business. Not as widely known as some other cognac brands, what it lacks in name recognition, it makes up for in quality. Made from some of the best micro-terriors within the already small growing regions. Selected, distilled, aged, blended, and bottled under strict procedures and conditions, many of its cognacs are unique in age and certainly by quality. Other cognacs in the house portfolio include: Pale and Dry XO, Vesper, Extra de Grande Champagne, Vintage Millesimes and Reserva de la Famille.

First Impression: Sweet oak notes, apricots,champagne raisins vanilla, caramel, and oily nuts and fleshy mushrooms. Very seductive, distinctive and understated.

Appearance: Attractive red/gold color, with a flash of gold at the edge when you look closely leaves thin coat on swirling. Could be mistaken for a bourbon in color.

Taste: Slightly sweet, oaky with lots of intense dark fruits, notes of vanilla; juicy with a heavy mouthfeel. Imagine a dry lighter version of a ice wine – a intensely concentrated one. Full bodied, mature, extremely long finish. . .really luscious.

Drinks: Worked well in a Black Pagoda (basically a brandy Manhattan -see Gary Regan’s Bartenders Bible) and a few cognac and champagne drinks. Works wonderfully with them all although I would recommend a cheaper alternative if you are having more than one.

Other: Works wonderfully in a Riedel cognac glass – it made a world of difference in every respect.

Bottle: Presentation boxed simple green glass cognac bottle somewhat distinctive (sloped shoulder and raised pommel with a Delamain medallion). The parchment like label is derived from a Banknote during the French Revolution. The bottle is surrounded by gold wire net. Package is finished with a dark almost purple bronze capsule and real cork closure.

Final Thoughts: For those seeking a wonderfully spare,elegant but complex older cognac this is an excellent choice. Shows what is possible when patience and skill meet.


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