Depaz Blue Cane

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 7
Proof: 90 (45%)
Price: $42.00 750 ml
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One of the few rums (NB: French spelling rhums) in the world to claim a terroir.

Notes: One of the few rums (NB: French spelling rhums) in the world to claim a terroir as the sugar cane is grown in the unique microclimate in volcanic soil of Mt Pelée on a single estate making it a unique microclimate and small circumscribed geographic area (and granted an AOC because of it). Much like the great houses of Bordeaux, Cognac or Champagne claim weather, soil and geographic demarcations and resulting effects. Using the premium Blue Cane variety of sugar cane and produced, aged in small casks, and bottled on the estate.

Another noteworthy point is that it is a Rhum Agricole is made directly from sugar cane juice rather than molasses. Less than 5% of the world’s production of rum is made this way and the process yields a dramatically different product.
Using a single column copper still, it yields a lower proof spirit full of flavor, rather than a highly distilled relatively flavorless spirit of a multiple column still.
Currently the only version of this rum available on the market.

Appearance: Bright, clear with no hazing, separation or floating sediments. Beautiful straw gold color Scalloped edge line, very thin long legs and some beading develop on swirling.

First Impression: Exceptionally clean, high, fruity and spicy at the same time no off notes of bitter/burnt smell you can get with a molasses product, a dry mineral smell similar to a Highland Tequila from the volcanic soil also a dry aromatic citrus like a lime or Bhudda’s Hand Citron.

Taste: Almost rocks you back on your heels, there is a tremendous rush of heavy duty flavors and impressions,oak pepper ,citrus notes , tarragon, licorice root, floral notes, tar, plug pipe tobacco, sea weed ,phenol, leather. All of them wonderful and in abundance. Dryish finish; medium long.

Drinks: Much more nuance, depth and flavor than a molasses rum.

Cigars: A cigar a little darker than the rum is a good guide. Shade grown natural or medium wrapper Fuente, Patel or Ashton.

Bottle/Packaging: Heavy bell shaped decanter gives the bottle a nice heft and balance. Simple graphics with print of plantation and mountain on front tan label styled after Carte Postale (see back of label through the rum). Tan neck band with blue paper ribbon seal and real cork closure with wooden top give it a nice finished feel.

 Final Thoughts: This Rum is an outstanding example of a full bodied Rhum Agricole and really showcases the difference between a sugarcane juice rum , and a molasses rum. It has as much flavor as almost any molasses rum in its age category but with much stronger, defined yet more nuanced flavors.Yes, it is more money than the molasses stuff but well worth it. Could very well ruin you in terms of drinking the other stuff again. Think of this as the Islay Scotch version of Rhum and you won’t be far off.


Well designed website if lacking in some of the geeky details we look for.
For the short attention span or dyslexic crowd watch the video, nicely done, lots of information.

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