Depaz Cane Syrup

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $14.99 700 ML

A heavyweight cane syrup

This is a sugar cane syrup (which is essential for a number of cocktails) imported from Martinique.The blue sugar cane grown on volcanic slopes of Mt. Pelee is pressed and bottled for this de rigueur ingredient for Ti Punch or Petit Ti.

Appearance: The same dark color as a medium to dark amber color Maple Syrup – as contrasted to the Petite Canne which is much lighter and like the different grades and shades of maple syrup both types have their fans.

First Impression: Sugar sweetness overlaid with woody and slightly toffee/caramel notes notes more full/heavy bodied than Petit Canne – again the parallel between the maple syrup grades is striking.

Taste: Wonderful thick body, cane fiber/wood and toffee mingled with the sweetness of real cane.

Drinks: Works wonderfully – not sticky or cloying like corn syrup – much more depth than simple syrup in the drinks we tried.

Note: Bottle must be refrigerated after opening.

Final Thoughts: About the same money as the competition and a must have companion for the equally heavyweight Depaz Blue Cane Rhum. Much like the springwater some single malt distilleries sell to go with their scotch, I am a firm believer in using the cane syrup from each rum producer if possible. Especialy when you compare the two available ones on the market which are essentially polar opposites in color weight and taste.

Bottle: Generic clear glass, Simple paper labels and graphics pasted directly onto the glass. Screw cap closure,screw cap is blue sea color.


Well designed Website if lacking in some of the geeky details we look for. For the short attention span or dyslexic crowd, watch the video, nicely done, lots of information.

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