Diamond 100 Vodka Bendistillery

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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $ 60.00 750ML
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They filtered this vodka 100 times through charcoal and lava rock, then age it slightly in oak.

Notes: It seems there is always a new vodka out there that is trying to outdo the several hundred others out there in terms of how many times it was distilled or filtered.Well, the bar has just been set higher- a lot higher – by way of a accident during Thanksgiving Break last year. Somebody at Bendistillery left the equipment running…..They filtered this vodka 100 times through charcoal and lava rock, then age it slightly in oak.

This is one of a number of excellent products from Bendistillery which produce Crater Lake VodkaCrater Lake Mazama Infused VodkaCrater Lake Hazelnut Espresso VodkaDesert Juniper Gin , and Cascade Mountain Gin (not yet reviewed – we hope to rectify that).

Appearance: Clear as glass, body is heavier than water but not excessively so. No formation of legs on the glass – this is a good sign in vodka (as oppossed to some other spirits) as this shows there is no possibility that glycerine is not used to thicken it, or reduce off tastes and aromas (as caramel is used in some whisky) or anything else.

First Impression: Very little scent at all. Again, in vodka this can be a good thing. The lack of smell, especially at room temperature, says that this is a very well distilled vodka – there are no off notes or that rubbing alcohol smell you get from a bad or sloppy distillation.

Taste: Stones, in a nice positive way-tastes like a A high end (and high end content) mineral-water taste to it, nice mineral-type edge to it and a crisp light bite at the end and a touch of grain. Exceedingly smooth – light but textured mouthfeel, it just glides down the throat, silky, warming at the end. There is almost sense of the alcohol in this – it is that well distilled. Simply amazing.Smooth but has some taste to it (unlike a number of other vodkas which are either smooth OR have taste – rarely both).

Drinks: Works well in a martini and just about every other drink we tried. One proviso though is this is so smooth you will lose any vodka taste/influence in the drink.It could also lead to reckless trouble because it is so smooth. Be warned.

Final Thoughts: Finally, a high-end vodka with some taste! We are tired of those high end vodkas that try to outdo each other in being more “smooth” (read tasteless)! One of the best new American vodkas – much cleaner than Grey Goose or almost any other vodka I can think of and has excellent smoothness and taste.

Bottle: Tastefully understated cylidrical clear glass bottle with a sharp shoulder to it (similar to a Van Gogh Vodka bottle without the frosting) with stark but attractive black and white silkscreened label. 

Straightforward design, fast loading but lots of information. Well laid-out, no annoying flash presentation or intros. Just solid design and well-thought-out content. Nice drinks recipes section!

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