Diplomatico Reserva

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 10
Age: 8 years
Price: $20.00 750ml
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Distilled in copper pot stills, then aged in oak casks and bottled at 8 years of age.

Notes: Distilled in copper pot stills, then aged in oak casks and bottled at 8 years of age. This rum is part of a series, the others being the Diplomatico Anejo and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.

Appearance: Yellow gold- looks like a bourbon till you smell the bouquet. Copper gold color clear with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs develop on swirling.

First Impression: Dark fruits and pineapple, smell of caramelized molasses, dark dried fruits (dates, figs, etc.,), allspice, cinnamon, ripe fruits and nuts.

Taste: Spicy, medium mouthfeel, fruity chocolate and spicy all at the same time, slight touch of leather and tobacco notes lets you know it is a molasses rather than a cane rum. Nutty, spicy, finish is medium and complex.

Drinks: Damn fine mixing rum if you want to trade up from its younger brother. If you are going to use a molasses based dark or gold rum for a drink use this one. Complex but subtle for it will stand to stand up to other ingredients and not get lost but provide a smooth and spicy base of rum with no caramel tongue coating/deadening that many others at their price range seem to suffer from. Smooth as a diplomat’s oiled words, telling you to go to hell and anticipate the trip.

Cigars: A good spicy Honduran or Nicaraguan cigar – Padron Corona for instance.

Bottle/Packaging: Bell shaped satin frosted green glass with Orange/burnt sienna label with black scalloped edges and matching neck wrap.

Final Thoughts: Pretty amazing stuff especially for the price. Try buying a 8 year old rum (or almost any other spirit for that matter) for $20 with this quality. Kicks the hell out of the competition at this price point. Much more complex and finished than say Meyer or Pussers and lacks their caramel overdose to cover their sins.


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