Don Q Anejo – Destileria Serrallés

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  • Value: 9
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Age: 3-7 Years
Price: $19.99 750ml

Blows away Bacardi on quality and price

Notes:The top selling rum in its native land, Puerto Rico, Don Q was little known anywhere else till recently. Long a producer for other rum lines they decided to get credit where credit is due by putting their own name on their products. All natural, and in the case of their flavored rums, all natural flavorings, Don Q offers a variety of rums of various ages and price points along with a few flavored rums.They include the Cristal, Gold,this the Anejo and the Grand Anejo in the unflavored line and Limón, Cocoa and Mojito in the flavored line.

Appearance: Sparkling clear straw gold color,with no hazing separation or floating sediments. Long legs and crenellated edges develop on swirling.

First Impression: Nicely aromatic molasses,slight grassy notes slightly sweetish, vanilla, allspice, tobacco, leather, barrel char and oak.

Taste: Sweet then rapidly drying entry,vanilla, molasses ,some citrus, dried fruits and flower notes, walnuts, minerals.Nice but not overly light body. Oak, leather, and tobacco notes well developed in this older expression of their rum line. Nicely dry medium-long finish is with lots of oak char and tobacco notes leaving a lasting finish.

Drinks: Works fairly for all types of rum drinks were you want a older rum with a fair amount of wood and presence without a lot of sweetness or overly heavy body. Cheap enough to experiment with and not worry overly much about cost.

Cigars: A good maduro or candela.

Final Thoughts: Again this rum reminds me a bit of Havana Club (the real one- not the fake), of the same age. More body, spice, and complexity than the other dominant Puerto Rican rum. A very respectable rum for an anejo and for the money. Smooth, spicy, all the right wood aging notes and just enough fire to let you know you are drink real rum.Very few rums at this price are as good.

Bottle/Packaging: Clear glass shows off rum nicely. Family crest on shoulder of bottle. Pressed glass arch surrounds silk screened gold and black label on parchment colored label. Ribbed sides make for easier grip at bar or poolside. Black neckwrap with gold Don Q with trademark Knight on horse. Black colored ribbed plastic cap with embossed family crest on top. Altogether an attractive yet practical package. Much better look, feel, and utility than its chief competitor.

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