Dos Lunas Tequila Del Senor

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 7
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 9 Months
Price: $54.99 - 750 ML
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Delicious and complex if a bit pricey. At least you will get an excellent bottle of tequila for the money.

Notes: This tequila is produced on the estate Agua Escondido in the village Zapotlanejo,Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This is a slightly older expression the its younger sibling Dos Lunas Silver and a Dos Lunas Anejo . They use a natural yeast which can take up to 5 times longer to ferment than some in use by other tequila makers. This is the Reposado (rested) expression of this particular line aged 9 months in a combination of used Bourbon barrels (charred white American oak) and new white American oak barrels then blended and rested in oak again.

Appearance: Crystal clear, color of the inside of a fresh ginger rootfrom aging (see above) lovely body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass with legs forming and then breaking into a constellation of droplets.

First Impression: Has that good tequila smell. It has all the right elements right at the start: You can also pick up the oak at first nosing. Bouquet is similar to its younger sibling: (savory, citrusy lime, brine) with the added vanilla and dried fruits smell of a good bourbon whisky overlaid.

Taste: Oily wonderful body. Savory, like a sweet olive brine and a thai lime dish with salt -Agave but oak and woody notes (probably a by product of the extended fermentation – a delicious new taste) much like its younger incarnation. But then there is the added mix of bourbon vanilla and sweetness that adds whole new layers of taste to explore. Wonderful blending of sweet, dry oak, leather, dried fruit. Dry and also paradoxically, a sweetish ending. Finish is long, very smooth and a shame it has to end.

Drinks: Seductive, decadent Margaritas: be sure to use fresh juice and Grand Marnier- anything less would be an insult to the tequila and a waste. That being said, this should really be enjoyed on its own in a brandy snifter or tasting glass It could also be used before and after dinner, first as an aperitif, then as digestif. Good enough for a celebration or a self indulgence. (Confession afterwards optional.)

Cigars: Goes well with a Fuente Hemingway Classic or Signature

Bottle: Unlike a lot of the competition, Dos Lunas does not use recycled glass and hand blown bottle (that also weigh a ton but can be very fragile at the same time). Some people have remarked that it looks like a bottle of shampoo (which could be useful in some situations) but it is a striking contrast to the rest of the tequila shelf in the liquor store or in your bar.Cork took a few seconds to figure out (you must pull directly but gently straight up to open). Frosted with clear window to picture of rows of oak casks make for a striking presentation. Far from the rustic look others are trying. Cosmopolitan, clean lines, a welcome change that will stand in the sea of recyled coke bottles others use.

Final Thoughts: Delicious, complex, enchanting.


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