Downslope Cane Vodka

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $28.00 - 750 ML
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Very pleasant and unique vodka.

Notes: A small micro distillery put together by three partners who are passionate about adult beverages (they got their start in homebrewing beer) and threw themselves into research on how to take the next step into micro distilling.

Using a custom designed column still, a unique filtration process, and techniques they describe as more artisanal than state of the art  in limited space they have somehow still managed to create an impressive portfolio of products which include: Grain VodkaPepper VodkaWhite RumSpecial Gold Rum, Spiced Rum, Vanilla Rum, Wine Barrel Aged Rum, Double Diamond Whiskey, and a Malt Whiskey.

Using Maui cane juice as its base, this vodka is fairly unique (which is saying something in the vodka world) as most people would be happy to make a rum agricole or cachaca out of it rather than distilling it higher into a vodka.
One other important note is this is a wheat / gluten free product (in fact entirely grain free- one of the few vodkas that can lay claim to that) so anyone with a intolerance to wheat should consider it as an alternative to many of the vodkas out there.

AppearanceCrystal clear, no sediment whatsoever or separation. Medium thick body. On swirling it leaves a a thin clear coat on the inside of the glass, then some beading (droplets) and legs forming.

First ImpressionClean alcohol notes, cream soda/vanilla bean notes, with a slight grassy/cane overlay with good solid mineral notes to it.

Taste: Nice mouth feel, a more round and full taste with grassy notes rather than grain. Very stonelike mineral tastes with touches of vanilla,caramel, and malt,nice warming finish to it. Quite pleasant and charming.

DrinksPlays well with other ingredients. A touch sweeter and has more presence both in taste and mouthfeel than most vodkas and brings a unique set of tastes and aromas to the mixing bar. Think of it as a highly distilled white rum from a mixological standpoint and you can’t go wrong.

Bottle: Tall cylindrical generic clear glass, and NO frosting unlike the sea of others. Simple paper label and graphics pasted directly onto the glass. Red brown paper label and wine colored neck seal distinguish it from. Actually less is more in that the bottle stands out because of the plainness. No nonsense, straightforward, shows the vodka to good effect.

Final Thoughts: A very pleasant and unique vodka made from an unusual ingredient with great attention to detail and using unique distillation and filtration techniques. A very nice vodka using premium ingredients it is actually worth the price, unlike many others in the price category. Definitely one to buy and enjoy in a vodka collection for it’s unique characteristics both in production and taste. 


Fast loading, fair amount of information. Easy-to-read. Good content  and descriptions of production, if a bit terse.  

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