DRINKTANKS Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Pint Cups

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Price: $24.95 MSRP but discounted many places
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Overall a durable, practical, and attractive way to appreciate your beer.

Notes: DRINKTANKS growlers, cups, and other items are designed by some beer lovers in Bend, Oregon who were tired of a lot of the fragile and sometimes substandard beer drinking and transport items out there and decided to build their own. To quote the company ” Built for Beer” Our products are designed with beer in mind. We truly are beer lovers and create solutions to take beer beyond the brewery”. Best known for their growlers (in 128 oz, 64 oz, 36 oz sizes in multiple colors and finish, they also make these pint cups and smaller tumbler-type cups to keep your beverages cold and safe. Half the battle can be getting your drinkware to wherever you are going, and the other half can be keeping it intact during use.

Appearance: More or less standard British pub-style shape except in a double-walled metal with an enameled (?) satin finish that is pleasing to the hand and not slippery. With a flat stainless collar/lip and their logo on it. Interior is a brushed stainless steel with 1 oz,2 oz, 5oz, and for the metrically minded, 30 ml, 59 ml, and 148 ml embossed/stamped measurements

First Impression: Nice appearance to them overall, good sturdy-looking pints. Well made and finished. They feel nice in the hand and not overly large or heavy.

Directions and Instructions: Pretty straightforward use and care instructions.Not a lot to have to teach someone about their case and use.

Testing: Works well, the markings on the inside are a trifle hard to read ( after a few times you memorize them anyway) but frankly not many people will use them- this is a beer cup not a cocktail device per se.Insulation worked great – kept our beer much colder than a similar glass and did not leave condensation rings on any surfaces. So essentially colder, more durable, and a lot easier to clean and take anywhere. Also they are a lot more welcome anywhere near pools or bodies of water where broken glass ( or potential broken glass) is a real problem.

Other: Don’t forget that you are being environmentally responsible with using these over disposable cups -these cups are built to last and reusable for practically forever. Lifetime warranty, 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated, dishwasher safe, bounces pretty well off the ground or people.

Final Thoughts: Like all their other products, well thought out, nicely executed designs that are durable. Not overly expensive, heavy, yuppie trendy, oversized and overbuilt,  and less likely to be stolen  ( some of the major downsides of Yeti Gear). Solid, 18/8, dishwasher safe


Fast and relatively easy to navigate. Attractive design and pictures. Decent amount of information and descriptions.


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