DRINKTANKS Mini Keg Dispenser Keg Cap Kit

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Easy to use and useful device for someone who wants to buy larger quantities of beer and keep it fresh without committing to a full blown beer dispensing system. The right size to take home a cherished beer and enjoy it over time without committing a lot of time, money, and space to it.


Notes: DRINKTANKS growlers, cups, and other items are designed by some beer lovers in Bend, Oregon who were tired of a lot of the fragile and sometimes substandard beer drinking and transport items out there and decided to build their own. To quote the company ” Built for Beer” Our products are designed with beer in mind. We truly are beer lovers and create solutions to take beer beyond the brewery”. Best known for their growlers (in 128 oz,  64 oz, and 32 oz in multiple colors and finish, they also make these pint cups and smaller tumbler-type cups to keep your beverages cold and safe. Half the battle can be getting your drinkware to wherever you are going, and the other half can be keeping it intact during use.
The other half of the battle it seems is keeping the beer otherwise fit to drink over time and multiple sessions. Both from an economic and environmental viewpoint larger containers/vessels make sense. Cheaper and better for the environment, and also the bonus that as winemakers have known for centuries, larger formats are more stable and durable. Problem is, every time you open a growler you lose some carbonation and introduce oxygen, making your beer flatter and likely to spoil/oxidize. There is also the question of size and frankly, boredom. A kegerator or some similar device for keeping a keg ( of whatever size, from a 1/6 to a full keg) works well but is space-intensive and requires some commitment in that whatever beer it is you better like a lot of it for an extended period.  The DRINKTANKS Mni Keg Dispenser is one solution to this problem and coupled with their growlers works nicely. The Keg dispenser works with both their 64 and 128 oz growlers and can be stored in a refrigerator with that other stuff like food. No separate refrigeration is necessary, unlike bigger systems. Also, it preserves a reasonable amount of beer for you and if necessary a few friends.

Appearance: Comes in a decent box packed in foam with multiple compartments and instructions. Components are decently made and the tubing is transparent for easier sight ( to know the beer is flowing ) and cleaning later

First Impression: Easy to set up and appears reasonably durable. Box keeps all the pieces organized when not in use.

Directions and Instructions: Straightforward and easy to follow. Although you should definitely read through everything before you go out and buy too much beer ( see testing).

Testing: Works well an easy to use. Not sure how long it will hold a beer fully carbonated exactly but we had no problem keeping the beer for 1-2 weeks at which time we had fully emptied the growler. Clean-up was easy, and we hung everything up to dry and air out. Unsure as to how long you can use the CO2 cartridge or how long the filler will hold it under pressure – we are still working on that but seems to be a multi-use and multiweek proposition. There are certain things you must bear in mind – such as 1/2 full rule for charging up a growler. You cannot charge a full or near full growler – you have to drain it a bit if it is full or only fill to 1/2 way or so to use the keg system ( an important detail for planning which growler to use)

Other: CO2 cartridges and cleaning supplies are easily available

Final Thoughts: Some may consider it a little pricey at first, but given the cost of a growler fill these days ( and the general cost of good beer, especially in smaller quantities such as bottles and cans and their surcharges) the system makes a good argument for its cost. One or two flat or spoiled growlers easily cost as much as the system and it keeps your beer in top condition.


Fast and relatively easy to navigate. Attractive design and pictures. Decent amount of information and descriptions.

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