Dry Soda Lavender

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Ingredients: , ,
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $1.50 for 12 oz (355 ml)

Yes, I had my doubts too, but it actually is quite good. Potential for some great cocktails too.

Notes: This soda company and it’s products were conceived by a woman who was continually frustrated by her lack of options for something to drink while she was pregnant. Many things were either boring or contained too much sugar. Dry Soda (dry as in “not sweet”) developed a line of sodas that were meant to have a minimum of sugar and a emphasis on taste. Other flavors include Blood Orange, Cucumber, Juniper, Lemon Grass,  Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean.

Appearance: Nice fizz/carbonation to it. Perfectly clear, the company did not feel compelled to color it with some chemicals just for shelf appeal.

First Impression: Nice floral lavender smell to it ,much like if you were smelling a lavender flower- not it’s chemical analog created in a lab somewhere. Not the usual over the top flavor/smell bomb the major soda flavors go in for.

Taste: Clean floral lavender taste without being in your face floral and overwhelming. . Mildly acidic and dry  with a touch of sweetness. Pairs well with food , compliments things nicely without overwhelming your taste buds or carpet bombing them with too much flavor and sugars. Almost makes you feel virtuous in your choice of soda.

Drinks: Works well in drinks were you want taste and not sugar, stickiness and intrusive flavor. Pairs and plays well in both cocktails and with many different foods.

Final Thoughts:  A lovely thinking/conscious persons soda.With low sugar, nice unusual tastes and not over done like some many others out there, Dry Soda does not shout unlike many others, it whispers. O. K., it costs a bit more than a generic soda ( but less than a number of other high end sodas) but if you are using quality spirits it’s a waste to use cheap mixer – particularly in a drink that doesn’t have a lot else in it (no fruit juices, liquors, etc.). You wouldn’t use chlorinated tap water, so why use cloying dulling mixers?

Bottle: Generic clear glass, 12 oz size .Information s printed directly on the glass to save paper and be environmentally friendly and eminently recyclable. Print in this case is of course, lavender.


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