Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 9

Hard to decide which of their soaps I like better. Always been a big fan of beer, sandalwood, and bourbon . Both are worthy and worth buying.

Duke Cannon Supply Company is pretty retrograde as some people would call it – or maybe worse things. Personally I love their attitude .  They also support veterans honor flight and military dogs and don’t produce a bunch of overpriced, over fragranced products that are supposed to smell like things most of the hipsters who use them never have experienced like the outdoors beyond Brooklyn. No, they produced soaps the one with Buffalo Trace Bourbon reviewed here ) other products made  , and in this case Old Milwaukee Beer,  among other things. They also make this soap BIG (10 oz) in a big square brick, not some hotel soap sized chip.

Notes: Duke Cannon soap is made in the same place that produced military soap for over 20 years, not China or some yuppie loft somewhere.

Appearance: Big, almost 5 inches long, 2 1/2 inches wide, and 1 1/2 inches thick ( No, I am not converting that to metric) about twice the weight and size of most soap bars these days and a lot bigger than those pathetic little cubes and chunks most people peddle as mens soap these days, this is a military/industrial sized bar of soap. Color is a more or less sand tan/sandalwood/beer color . Box it came in is decent quality, attractive and simple graphics and great commentary on craft beer.

First Impression: Slightly rounded edges from extrusion mold ( I’m guessing here) and sharp machine cut ends with a big D and stock number inside a square. Smells like sandalwood and beer – so you don’t smell like just beer when you use it. Nice woodsy smell without being overdone

Directions and Instructions: Really ? Unless you were raised by (real) wolves you should know this part.

Testing: Been using it for a couple of weeks now. Easy to grip, hard to lose, smells good and may last longer than I do given the size of this thing,

Other: Will not fit in a standard travel sized soap dish. You can however carefully dry it of and put it in a sock but the TSA may comment on this.

Maybe Duke can come out with a case for this beast ? Otherwise go to Farm and Tractor supply and get one of those waterproof cases they sell for $5 (that look like a Pelican case)

Final Thoughts:  Well done soap with a nice smell/scent to it Damn fine soap from and American company that supports good causes, lasts long, smells good. Get it !


Well set up and straight forward – just like their products. Fast loading, good photos, good explanations and descriptions , great commentary, and lots of options on gift sets.Duke Cannon


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