Dundee India Pale Ale

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 5
Price: $7 for a 6 pack

Pleasant easy drinking IPA especially for novices branching out towards real beer with flavor.


Notes: Dundee brewing is a sort of boutique offshoot of North American Brewing Company which is much better known as the Genesee Brewing Company that produces Genesee beer and 12 Horse Ale as their mainstay products. Dundee did produce a few slightly better than horse piss products when they first started out- some mass produced watery beers that were dressed up as microbrews.

This practice has thankfully stopped and they are now producing some interesting beers of specific styles ,which while not stand outs or radical examples of the styles are well made, if slightly lighter versions of the styles they represent.

Appearance: Please brown amber color slightly hazy. Small bubbles and appropriate head on pouring

First Impression: Nicely crisp and slightly fruity hoppy bouquet

Taste: Nicely fruity and hoppy taste with a bit of body to it in a pleasant if not outstanding way.Pleasant caramel/toffee and grain notes round out and counterweight the pleasant hoppiness.

Bottle: Standard brown bottle with green labels with a ship in a bottle graphic.

Other: Brewed year round

Final Thoughts: Definitely on the lighter side of the IPA spectrum but that being said an excellent gateway beer for someone who is looking to branch out from cheap American lager to something with taste and substance without scaring them off.
As that or as a session beer it performs nicely, easy to drink, not overly challenging but pleasant .
Website: for the main brewery page or go to for this series of beer and all the specs on each one

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