Dundee Stout

  • Rating: 6
  • Value: 7
Type: ,
Proof: 11.6 (5.8 %)
Age: Not Applicable
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Decent slightly Irish style stout – as usual kind of a light version of the style.

Notes: Part of the Dundee craft pack – a series of limited edition/release beers taht are each a different, classic style of beer.

Appearance: Dark brown as it should be. Tiny bubbles in the somewhat minimal head

First Impression: Roasty ,malty, caramel and slightly fruity notes

Taste: Slightly dry,malty,nutty,cereal and biscuit notes. Slightly dry and bitter – more of a light Irish style of stout than a milk or imperial

Drinks: You can make a Black Velvet by mixing equal parts Dundee Stout and a Champagne (or other sparkling wine of similar type) in a glass. If you want to stay local use Gold Seal or similar Finger Lakes sparkler).

Bottle: Standard 12 ounce (355 ml) brown beer bottle with dark purple labels.Illustration is a cartoon like man in a kilt hoisting a large keg over his head. Rumor has it someone in their metal shop was the model or at least inspiration

Other: Available in craft pack only

Final Thoughts: As with the other beers Dundee brews in this series of better than their usual line of products , this is a good if lighter example of the style. More of a session beer, or  maybe a lighter example of a style it does serve a purpose of introducing someone to a style without hitting them between the eyes with it. An example or analogy of this would be giving someone a Highland or Speyside Scotch to get them started on the road to malt appreciation rather than handing them a Islay and possibly scaring them off at the get go.

Website: for the main brewery page or go to for this series of beer and all the specs on each one

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