Dundee Summer Wheat Beer

  • Rating: 6
  • Value: 7
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 9 (4.5)
Price: $6 for a 6 pack
Dundee Summer Wheat Beer

Actually not bad. Has some charm, refreshing on a hot day, and is cheap enough.


Notes: Dundee (read Genesee for most folks) or it’s even less well known name for the parent brewer North American Breweries. Genesee has a long history in Rochester, New York  dating from 1878 till present day. Much more information on the parent company can be found on the Genesee Beer Company link below. Dundee is a offshoot specialty offshoot subsidiary brand of the parent company  to separate it (psychologically at least ) from Genesee which unlike Pabst has not become a old brand made hip. This beer is considered a hefeweizen style wheat beer.

Appearance : Slightly hazy, gold wheat colored with nice but not overly done carbonation

First Impression: Sweet with vanilla, yeasty, sweet, lemon, herbal/floral notes.

Taste: Rather light for a hefeweizen, but somewhat crisp, fruity, touch of citrus and nicely and appropriately bitter. Nice hoppy tastes and aromas. Light and non challenging, but conversely easy-to-drink.

Other: Seasonal – Brewed between April and July only.

Cigars: Good with a lighter type/size of cigar. Ashton or Romeo Y Julieta ?

Bottle/Packaging:  Light yellow can with cartoon of two grasshoppers on it.

Final Thoughts: As with all of the Dundee series, it is a decent start towards the style it represents but it is not a very heavy (or true) version of a hefeweizen. They are all almost session versions meaning they are lighter easier to drink versions rather than a full on examples of a particular style or brew.

Website: or the parent company

Quick-loading, fair amount of information and geeky technical specs (IBU’s , bittering hops, taste and aroma hops, anyone?)

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