Early Times Blind Archer

  • Rating: 4
  • Value: 3
Classification: ,
Ingredients: , ,
Distillery: ,
Proof: 66 (33%)
Price: $15.00 - 750 ML
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While not entirely revolting, it is fairly insipid.

Notes: An old brand which has had a bit of a recent makeover. It is not bourbon, as even though it is made from the same basic ingredients, it does not use new charred oak barrels but used ones after they were emptied of bourbon. Most bourbon barrels are sold to scotch producers after they are used but we are now seeing them used for the production of ‘American Whiskies’ and occasionally for aging high end beer or other products. This is one of those new whiskies taht are flavored to appeal to a younger palette.

Appearance: Very pale clear gold color

First Impression: Cinnamon, vanilla, apple, spices, light whisky smells, kind of a chemical green apple tang. Vaguely medicinal or cleaning product in character.

Taste: Chemical apples and spice, mixed with a fairly weak, watered down whisky. Tastes like a cross between a spiced juice pack and a dental product.

Drinks: Not a particularly useful product to mix with.Too dilute to use as a base and frankly not that good, we couldn’t work with it for long without giving up.

Bottle: Very much the standard Early Times square bottle (very similar to the Jack Daniels bottle,with a scalloped neck and a screw top closure. Bottle is almost completely covered by  a shrink wrap green and tan label with a green neck wrap sporting a silhouette  of an archer.

Other: I really have to wonder given the bland, sweet nature of this, what age of drinkers they are trying to target with this stuff.

Final Thoughts: Fairly expensive for such a low proof, not to mention uninspiring product. Spend a few more dollars a bottle on a higher proof and real whiskey and infuse or mix the flavors and ingredients yourself – it’s called a cocktail.


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