El Dorado Superior Demerara

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Age: 12 years
Price: $ 25.00 750ml
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Very complex for a 12 year old .

Notes: This is a very complex rum from a production standpoint using totally unique stills that are the only ones of their kind left in the world. They use a combination of 3 different stills each one delivering a totally different spirit. The first on is a wooden Coffey still (Coffey stills are usually used in the production of Irish Whiskey and some gins).The second is a wooden(and copper top) pot still and finally a Savalle Still which is a type of copper continuous still.The rum is then aged in 45 gallon used once whiskey (read bourbon) barrels, blended, then rested again and allowed to marry before bottling.

One of the many expressions from this distillery the others being El Dorado Superior WhiteEl Dorado Finest Demerara (5 Year Old), El Dorado Special Reserve (15 Year Old) , and El Dorado 25 Year Old.

Appearance: Deep patinated bronze/gold, on swirling very thin coat on glass and legs slowly forming along with droplets.

First Impression: Dark fruits, fruitcake, some char/leather notes, vanilla.

Taste: Cinnamon and nutmeg notes, spice, tropical fruit, pineapple, rambutans, figs, with char and leather notes intermingled with barrel oak, spices, a rich complex rum. Medium-to-heavy bodied,medium to long lingering fruity but slightly dry finish

Drinks: Any drink calling for a aged rum will shine with this one. Complex multilayered, cheap enough to use as a mixer, it is good enough to enjoy on its own also.

Cigars: Nothing too heavy. A Joya de Nicaragua, Ashton or Fuente with a natural or shade wrapper would do nicely. A Hemingway Masterpiece or Untold Story, a snifter, and a bottle of this would do nicely.

Bottle/Packaging: Short round decanter with a short neck of dark green glass,very much in the style of a antique rum decanter. Red letter wax seal with “12 Years Old” in gold on the shoulder with Special Reserve silkscreened in gold letters above a rectangular paper label with a drawing of a Galleon on the label. Black shrink wrap and real cork closure finish the attractive packaging.

Final Thoughts: A very complex and delicious rum,especially for the money. A very unique rum from a distilling point of view, and a good candidate for a horizontal age tasting or flight to compare styles and distilling methods.

Subvert the dominant rum paradigms and buy this one.

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