Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B524 130.6 Proof 11 Years 2 Months Old

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
Type: ,
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 130.6 (65.3 %)
Age: 11 years and 2 months
Price: $79.99 750 ML

A worthy release and worth buying to drink. Nicely done if not a OMG batch.Drink it till the next one comes out.


Notes: This is the second release for 2024; it is 130.6 proof and eleven years and two months old. This puts it at the higher end of the proof range and in the higher range of the stated age ranges. Frankly I think the sweet spot for most bourbons ( especially those from Kentucky with their climate and type of storage buildings- more temperate and/or different buildings yield different and usually longer aging times)

Appearance: Clear, Red gold in the bottle, amber gold in the glass.

First Impression: Minty, with oak/wood notes, some barrel char, corn, rye sweet sour going on, not overly spiritous especially given the proof.Spicy, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg or mace, dried fruit notes,and orange peel.

Taste: Dried orange, barrel char, grain, tobacco notes, and a melange of apple pie-type spices. Opens up and subdues the spirit a bit if you add a small amount of water ( preferably a little warm, ice will dumb it down and continue to dilute- unless, of course, mixing rather than sampling)

Drinks: Makes all the usual suspects well, Manhattan, Old fashioned, Paper Planes, etc., etc., Be sure to adjust ratios ( down slightly for the bourbon and up for the other ingredients for the higher proof and stir a bit longer for dilution hence the balancing act)

Bottle: Elongated Horseshoe-shaped flask-type bottle somewhat taller and leaner looking than the older versions of Elijah Craig. The helpful notation below BARREL PROOF notation on the label “UNCUT, STRAIGHT FROM THE  BARREL WITHOUT CHILL FILTRATION.”

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Past Releases: This is a list of past releases we have reviewed. There are some gaps and batches we missed somehow, so it is NOT the exhaustive list we would like, but simply what we were able to review.

2024: A124 119Proof ,
   A123 125.6 Proof 12 Years Old,   B523 124.2 Proof (11 Years,5 Months),   C923 133 Proof 13 Years, 7 Months 
2022: Batch A122 weighing in at 120.8 (60.4 %)  started the year, followed by Elijah  Craig Barrel Proof Batch B522 at 121 proof. The last release was the Elijah Craig Batch 922 at 124.8.
2021: A121 at 123.6 proofBatch B521, which represented the second release for 2021, was released in May and came in at 118.2 proof, and the third and last release of 2021 was Batch C921 of September 0f 2021 at 120.2 proof.
2020: Batch No. A120 136.6 Proof  Version was released in early January 2020, 127.2 Proof Batch No.B520 was released in May, and the 132.8 Proof C 920 was released in September 2020.
2019: 135.2 Proof Batch A119 in January of 2019
2018: 131.4 Proof Batch C918 in September 2018,
2017:  Barrel Proof Versions at 124.2 Proof A117 was released in January of 2017, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof  127 Proof Lot B517 in May of 2017, and another further release, Batch No. C917  in September 2017,

The range of proof from high to low is  136.6 proof (68.3 %)  to 130.6 proof (65.3 %),

For an explanation of Barrel Proof, please look in our classification section. The Barrel Proof series is the latest and follows on from other previous premium releases of 20-Year-Old, the 21-Year-Old, and 23-Year-Old Elijah Craig versions. This barrel-proof series has between 3 and 4 releases a year at different proofs due to the variations of the batches. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof series will also vary in color and taste within a certain (company and brand profile) degree so that each one will be different up to that point. Barrels falling outside that profile will probably end up in larger blends or, in extreme cases, sold off to be used somewhere else under a different name.
The Batch letter is the code for which release it is for the year (A, B, C, and D are batches 1,2,3,4 for the year, the First digit is the month (1-January, 5 – May, 9- September), the second two numbers denote the year ( in this case 2023).

Final Thoughts: A decent and worthy release, but not one of my favorite ones. Solid, good quality, and worth the money.


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