Fez-O-Rama Fez

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 9
Price: $60 - $75 US depending on design and options (plus shipping)
Price Range:

One of the few places you can get a well made fez with multiple customized options


ITEM TYPE: Cocktail Wear, Hat
MAKER: Fez-O-Rama
COST: Varies, $60 -$75 US  depending on design and options (plus shipping)

OVERVIEW: One of the places you can get a high quality handmade fez – especially custom designed models. Many different designs to choose from (with a preponderance of Tiki designs).

Appearance: Excellent material and quilting inside. Tassel is an excellent quality tassel secured by an adjustable metal device not sewn on (so adjustable and replaceable if necessary) and well sewn. Design is embroidered well, bright, clean, and well executed in both color and workmanship.

First Impression: Fits well, comfortable, unlike a lot of other fezzes this is not some piece of cheap felt with a silkscreened logo and a cheap tassel that came from a five and 10 cent store.

Testing: Wore around to various parties and bars with no ill effect. Most people amused buy it and got plenty of compliments. Fits well, reasonably spill proof, vents (optional) keep everything well vented and cool.

Final Thoughts: If you want a high quality fez for a reasonable price (especially compared to other hats !) this is it. Outstanding workmanship and design, great attention to detail in production and execution.

A fez to wear with pride and style.

Web Site

All kinds of designs for fezzes (including custom) also other accessories and well on this website.

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