Finger Lakes Distilling Cassis Liqueur

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Proof: 48 (24%)
Price: $19.00 375 ML
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Utilizing primarily catawba grapes as a base with New York State currants (only recently legalized).

Note: We are happy to report on the opening of a new microdistillery in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes area.The Finger Lakes is a well known area for wines and wineries with over 200 at last count. What is much less well known is the proliferation of distilleries in the areas and the production of grape, berry and fruit based spirits along with the more traditional grain based spirits which lends some unique flavors and nuances to their products. Made in a small hybrid column/pot still (a 200 gallon Holstein Copper pot still for those who are into details) and handcrafting each batch the small scale production and attention to detail show you what is possible if you have the skills and dedication.

Made from 100% locally sourced New York currants and grapes and using the “farm to bottle” green/environmental approach working with local people and resources. Utilizing primarily catawba grapes as a base with New York State currants (only recently legalized).

Their other products include: Vintner’s VodkaVintner’s Wild BerryMaplejack LiqueurGlen Thunder (an American corn whiskey), and Seneca Drums (an American Dry Gin).

Appearance: Nice red color- pomegranate juice-like in color but not quite as dark as the French ones we know and love.

First ImpressionSlightly metallic and musty smell detracts from the smell of the currants themselves. Alcohol even at this higher proof for a cassis still very much in background.

Taste: Medium-to-light body for a cassis. Rather dry and slightly fusty taste. Rather spare and not very complicated.

Drinks: Kir Royale lacked the sweetness and depth we usually see. Other drinks were alright, but cassis was more dry and light bodied than most.

Bottle: Clear glass, cylindrical eau de vie type bottle. Wrap around paper label.

Final Thoughts: About the only product from Finger Lakes we disliked. While we appreciate their sincerity and dedication this one just doesn’t quite cut it. Also a bit pricey compared to competition. Sorry guys but this one just doesn’t make it.

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