Finger Lakes Harvest Satsuma Plum Shrub

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Bottle Of Satsuma Plum Shrub

A delicious Satsuma Plum Shrub made with all-natural and local ingredients.

Notes: Finger Lakes Harvest is a relatively new company that specializes in a variety of liquid delights made from locally grown ( in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York) fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. They produce a variety of Drinks mixers, Shrubs, Health Tonics, Health Shots, Bitters, and Extracts.
in this review we are evaluating and commenting on their Satsuma Plum Shrub made with New York State Plums

Appearance: Translucent plum color, actually looks like a plum skin. Refreshing to know this shrub comes by its color honestly. So many drinks are dyed with so many fake candy colors, it is a delight to see a real one!

First Impression: Mostly the organic apple cider vinegar comes to the fore, with plum and plum skin oils in the background.

Taste: Well structured acidity balances the organic cane sugar. and provides a nice framework for the Satsuma plum juice to hang from, giving it an overall nice balance.

Drinks: There are several great cocktail recipes out there
Most of them involve vodka (of course – it’s the pumpkin spice – with no flavor – of booze), and the better ones involve bourbon, Amontillado Sherry, Mint, and Vanilla, amongst other things. Personally I liked all of them as they were complex in flavor, well structured, and not overly complicated to mix and serve. This particular shrub set the stage for all of them well.


Bottle: Simple 8 oz bottle with an easy to read label and a good quality leakproof top

Other: Refrigerate after opening. There is also an excellent book on all manner of shrubs and cocktails called Shrubs, that explains a lot about what they are and has a lot of good recipes.

Final Thoughts: Organic, Very small batch, good people, and high quality.Can’t hit too many more marks in my book.


Sadly not up yet, but the placeholder page has their contact information. You can also visit their Facebook page which has photos, updates, and contact information.

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