Fleur de Thym – Liquoristerie de Provence

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  • Value: 8
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Proof: 40 (20%)
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Lovely liqueur/aperitif but sadly not imported to the U.S..

Note: This is a French (read Provençal) liqueur distilled in Aix-en-Provence, a small city near St. Remy and an area where you can find many different Absinthe and Pastis distilleries. The distillation is done in a partial vacuum (like some perfume distillations so lower extraction temperatures can be used for better extractions of essences using as little damaging heat as possible). Originally used as a stomach tonic and digestif. Part of their portfolio of absinthes, pastis, liqueurs and aperitifs, including Aqualanca Pastis ,Versinthe Absinthe (Verte )Versinthe Blanche Absinthe, Versinthe 10 Ans, Ambiosis, Figoun, Melepepo, P’tit Bleu, and Vermois among others.

Also is wonderful on the rocks or mixed with mineral water. Would makes for a unique ingredient in a cocktail when seeking color, sweetness, and fruit without resorting to a insipid liqueur in some unnatural fluorescent color.

AppearanceThick-bodied but pristine in appearance. Green yellow like some really high grade olive oil (in color). On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with long legs developing.

First ImpressionSmells like you just plucked and bruised some fresh thyme slightly syrupy sweet notes and some other herbs noted in background.

Taste: Thick rich taste that is felt as much as tasted. Thyme and sweetness, a savory wrapped around a luscious sweetness the drying a bit. leaving you with a wonderful thyme aromatic lingering nicely on the tongue and a subtle tingling.

Drinks: Wonderful on its own as an apertif!

Bottle: Clear glass aperitif or brandy bottle with attractive paper label with drawing of thyme branch in flower. Nice mix of graphics evokes belle époqueand modern at same time. Gives your back bar that Bistro look (or in my case maybe the Marseilles dive look). Neck wrap is clear around synthetic cork and bottom half a light almost celadon green.

Other: Maker of a select portfolio of other liqueurs and Eau de Vies that are not imported into the U.S., although there are rumors this may change.


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