Flor de Cana Grand Reserve

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Age: 7 years
Price: $21.99 750ml

Nicaraguan rums fall somewhere between the (heavy) Venezuelan (Pampero) and (light) Puerto Rican rums (Bacardi, Ron Rico etc.,) in style both in body and complexity.

Notes: Nicaraguan rums fall somewhere between the (heavy) Venezuelan (Pampero) and (light) Puerto Rican rums (Bacardi, Ron Rico etc.,) in style both in body and complexity.

Five stack column still allows for very precise tapping of flavors and characteristics allowing the master distiller to select only the best components of the distillation.The rum is aged in used once whiskey (read bourbon) barrels, but unlike most rums are not a blend of different ages. In this case it is only 7 year-old rum- not a mix of 7 year-old and other rums. In effect an almost vintage year system for rum. Only certified Kosher rum in existence. Much more substance, structure and complexity than the Bacardi 8 year-old.

One of the many expressions from this distillery the others being Extra Dry 4 Year Old, Gold 4 Year Old, Black Label 5 Year Old, Centenario 12 Year Old, Centenario 21 Limited Edition 15 Year Old, and Centenario Gold 18 Year Old.

Appearance: Russian gold (red/gold) nicely rich color, beautiful clarity. On swirling, leaves a very thin coat on the glass with long thin legs slowly forming with drops sliding down the side of the glass.

First Impression: Dry bouquet with some char/leather notes, vanilla dark fruits, fruitcake, sugar cane and molasses.

Taste: Slightly sweet entry followed by cinnamon and nutmeg notes, spice, with char and leather notes intermingled with barrel oak pepper,small hints of vanilla and cane. Medium-bodied, medium-to-long lingering, slightly dry finish. A very nice rum of the lean style.

Drinks: We tried it in a Papa Doble and it was excellent. Likewise in a regular Daiquiri. A excellent choice for classic rum drinks,it has a lot of dry flavor which would make it a excellent mixer that would stand (and mix) with other ingredients well but not overshadow them or add to much sweetness.

Cigars: Nothing too heavy. Obviously a Joya de Nicaragua would be a natural (and good) choice. Probably a darker wrapper if you can find one.

Bottle/Packaging: Rectangular clear glass bottle with oblong burgundy label at top with bottom black band. Black Neckwrap with gold bronze lettering and screwcap closure. Thankfully it does not have the South American anti-refill device fitted in the neck of the bottle unlike some of its competitors.

Final Thoughts: A nicely done spare and slightly austere style of rum. Think of this (and most Flor de Cana – especially year for year comparison) as the equivalent of a Highland Scotch in terms of a profile.

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