• Rating: 7
  • Value: 7
Proof: 48 (24%)
Price: $24.99 750ML

Tradition states this liqueur was originally developed by Fra. Angelico
who lived in the mid 1400’s.

Notes : Tradition states this liqueur was originally developed by Fra. Angelico
who lived in the mid 1400’s.

Appearance: Light tan gold – the color of a hazelnut- although this is achieved through slight caramel coloring. On swirling leaves a even, somewhat thick coat on the glass thin a fairly uniform rollback with some stray droplets developing.

First Impression: Very nice hazelnut aromas, with a leavening of vanilla,cocoa and a whiff of cinnamon (?) then alcohol but in a somewhat understated way. Very nice nut and candy store type aromas.

Taste: Sweet, creamy/oily mouth feel hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, with a lingering pleasant finish that is spicy, nutty and sweet. Only mild alcohol aftertaste.

Drinks: We found all of their proprietary recipes to be excellent and it has a wide collection of recipes on the internet. Frangelico makes a very nice (and better frankly) substitute for Kahlúa or many other subsequent coffee liqueurs in cocktails. Also good in cooking.

Bottle: Dark brown glass bottle in shape of a monk complete with a cincture (rope). Although since the father was a Dominican (plain white robe and no cincture) and the bottle is a representation of a Benedictine type robe that seems a bit odd to us- but the Dominican outfit probably wouldn’t sell nearly as well,minor point. Label printed to resemble Incunabula (illuminated script) with simple retro looking black and red label.

Final Thoughts: Nicely made, tastes good -especially for such a mass produced product , and a vary handy ingredient for a bar – home or professional. Recommended.


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