Free Key System Keyring

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  • Value: 7
Price: $5.99 Plus Shipping
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Well made quick release keyring that will not release your keys until you do.

Notes: Designed and made in the USA with a small bend/curve in the ring to make getting keys or rings on and off easier

Appearance:  A non reflective stainless steel keyring about 1 ½ inches (35 mm) ` in diameter with smaller key attachment rings which are each large enough to put a couple keys on to group them for easy on/off

First Impression: Nice looking piece of flat beaded finish stainless about ¼ inch (6.5 mm) with three rings approximately ½ inch (12 mm)  diameter

Directions and InstructionsSqueeze near far side of bend to open/lift end of ring.

Testing: Easy to use, ring trick works nicely but you still have to pry apart the smaller rings to mount your keys in them. Once this is done it is a breeze to add or remove them from the main ring. MUCH more secure than those damned carabiner style keyring systems by Nite Eyes which shed keys faster than a cheap prostitute.

Other: Accessory/extra rings (set of 5) available for $3.19 plus shipping

Final Thoughts:  Well made, very secure but easy to use. Most systems are very much one or the other.


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