Funkin William Pear

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 8
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $24.00 1 Kilo (about 35 oz)

A really wonderful fruit juice/purée flavoring or mixer – tastes outstanding!

Notes: This is a Pear purée / juice (over 90% fruit,10% sugar), for fruit type drinks (of course), enjoyed on its own, or as a food ingredient. It uses William pears from France sealed in a handy self standing foil pouch/bag.

Appearance: Brown gold (think dark applesauce) – translucent with plenty of suspended pulp – leaves lots of pulp on the side of the glass on swirling.

First Impression: Fully ripe pears- and nothing else, as it should be. . .

Taste: Wonderful thick body, almost pulpy entry, like drinking a fruit smoothie. You can really taste the ripe pears. Very true to the taste.

Drinks: Works wonderfully for any drink calling for pears or a sweet ingredient of that type. Yes, fresh is better, but this is very close and a lot handier and very close. Also the shelf life is much longer and zero prep time. Can also be used on foods as a purée or try adding it to your yogurt. Drinks video here .

Bottle: None – actually a foil pouch that looks like something you would take camping. Only complaint was spout directions were a little unclear (finally resorted to using our teeth to twist off/remove cap) but it is very well sealed and opaque to light. Long shelf life unopened, especially compared to others.

Final Thoughts: A really wonderful fruit juice/purée flavoring or mixer- tastes outstanding!


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