Galliano – Lucas Bols, Amsterdam, Holland

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 6
Type: ,
Proof: 84.6 (42.3%)
Price: $39.99 750ML

Actually an interesting and complex liqueur that is much overlooked anymore

Note: Galliano has undergone a few reincarnations/reformulations over the years. This is the most current and original recipe. There was a sweeter version at 60 proof (30%) but that one is being phased out, prior to that is a 80 proof (40%). Originally made in Livorno Italy and now made by Lucas Bols in Holland it uses seven infusions/macerations and six distillations of over 30 herbs and spices in it’s formula.

First Impression: Thick, yet aromatic. Rather strong hints of anise, (licorice) mint, lavender, citrus and a host of other herbs.

Appearance: Pleasing gold/lemon color, brilliant clarity. On swirling, leaves thick coating on glass, then develops some legs.

Taste: Thick almost oily entry, the vanilla which is present in the bouquet, really leaps out with the anise fast on its heels. Rather strong herbal component with lots of sweetness, almonds and vanilla. Almost like a vanilla infused and sugared absinthe or pastis. A pleasant if clinging aftertaste, with a mild alcohol presence.

Drinks: Well one of the problems with this liqueur is the distinct lack of many good cocktails that it is used in. Interest in it seems to have peaked in the late 1960’s or ’70’s given the names and ingredients of such things as the Harvey Wallbanger, Golden Cadillac, Freddie Fudpucker, etc.

Bottle: Very tall slightly fluted bottle shows the liqueur to good effect – even if it makes it a major headache for putting on a shelf or in a cabinet. Very hard to miss and easily identifiable.. Wrap around attractive paper label with muted but multicolor ink. White screwcap and neckwrap.

Final Thoughts: An interesting and well made liqueur that has yet to find a recent signature cocktail and overlooked by most mixologist’s – which is a pity because it is a interestng and complex liqueur.


Slow loading webpage with little real information, drinks recipes that can’t be printed (along with being metric), pretty much a waste of time trying to read it. Go to the Wikipedia entry instead.

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