Gardener Gin

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  • Value: 7
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Proof: 84 (42%)
Price: $39.99 700 ML
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Love this gin as an aromatic and slightly sweeter and gentler London Dry style gin, only reservation is is is a touch pricey. Definitely worth considering as an excellent replacement and refresh for your gin choices.

Notes: This is another one of those collaborations between a maker of a spirit and some celebrities, In this case, Bradd Pitt, Tom Nichol, and the families Perrin of southern France. This is usually not a good sign from past experience of other collaborations, but we certainly try to keep an open mind. Tom Nicholl comes from Tanqueray Gin and has been awarded the second Life Time Achievement award by the Gin Guild. The Familie Perrin are known for their organic and sustainable vineyards in the Southern Rhone Valley and one of the first French wine companies to go organic. All of the citrus is grown in Valluaris, France.

Appearance: Clear, almost saplike, with shimmering,  slightly oily appearance from all the botanicals, a delight to contemplate in the glass.

First Impression: Very juniper and citrus forward. The juniper leaps out first, followed by the Merona Lemons and the French Bigarade Bitter Orange,  Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit. A whisper of blackcurrants and figs adds some sweetness and a slightly bittering backbone. After a bit of time in the glass, the juniper does a slow fade, leaving the citrus,  bitter orange and lemon a bit more room to play their parts in the overall bouquet.

Taste: Oily, smooth entry, rather sweet ( almost Old Tom Gin sweet) with a lovely tap of juniper quickly followed up by the citrus , then other slightly bittering botanical mix to even out the initial sweetness to some degree.

This nicely balanced, somewhat light gin will appeal to many new gin drinkers who are not seeking a lashing of juniper. It is also subtle and complex enough for aficionados to appreciate.

Drinks: Makes a delicate and delicious martini, a bit lighter in style than say Plymouth, but a refreshing change from the ordinary. Use a relatively light, quality vermouth that will pair and enhance the gin, not overwhelm it. Same applies to a Gin and Tonic – use Fever Tree Premium Indian or similar. Also great in many other gin drinks, but again , respect the gin and its delicacy rather than drown it.Up the gin ratio a bit if you must so it shines through.

Bottle: Beautiful Mediterranean blue glass. Slightly conical with a pressed glass design that resembles long leaves like an iris or similar. Round roundel/medallion paper label with raised printing and a southern French or Provencal type motif. The neck has an antique-style paper band label with all the principal’s signatures. Cork is composed of equally thoughtful and tasteful designs. A large tapered wood stopper with a synthetic cork, it is a laser engraved medallion like the centerpiece of the label

Other: Wheat base with citrus (pink grapefruit, bitter and sweet oranges, lemon), coriander, angelica, juniper, black currant (?), mint.

Final Thoughts: A charming new addition to the gin category. A bit sweeter than a number of standard Londo Dry Gins, almost veering into Old Tom Territory. Compares favorably with say, Aviation gin, with a bit more citrus-forward punch.


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