George Dickel No.1 Foundation Recipe

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 10
Classification: ,
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 91 (45.5%)
Age: Fresh From The Still
Price: $21.99 750 ML
Price Range:

See and taste how the it all begins at George Dickel – at ⅓ the price of the Jack Daniels equivalent white whiskey.

Notes: With usual George Dickel mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye, 8% malted barley and chill and charcoal filtering the whiskey is young but tempered

Appearance: Silvery clearslightly oily/grain germ viscosity to it.Leaves a thin coat on the glass when swirled

First Impression: Smells like fresh ground corn or  corn meal with just a touch of rye sweet sour and barley malt grain presence

Taste: Corn, lots of corn, leavened with a bit of barley and rye which give it a nice bit of complexity and some depth. At first it’s almost all corn (fairly dry corn also not sweet) then the other grains kick in a bit with a light drying grain finish with a touch of charcoal mid point to end.

Drinks: Works fairly well in some drinks, especially if you don’t want wood. Instead of swapping it out for a bourbon, think of swapping it in for a tequila, gin  or a vodka instead for some pretty interesting and tasty variations on the classics – not to mention it is a lot cheaper than many of those spirits these days so you are reaching new ground and saving money – a rare combination !

Bottle: Clear glass  pretty much the standard George Dickel bottle but sporting a white label and white neck wrap/capsule with screw off cap

Cigars: Natural or Connecticut shade wrapper and probably a panatella or corona size at most would be about right. Probably an Ashton or Davidoff.

Final Thoughts: While a not having any wood contact to speak of, it is an interesting and worthy white dog. Packs a lot more taste and character than a vodka for less money. At ⅓ th money of the Jack Danials White Rye ( which we know is not the same mash bill as their regular Tennessee Whisky but still ….) it allows you an invaluable reference standard to compare their other, aged, expressions of their whiskies these being George Dickel No.8, George Dickel No.12 and their Barrel Select among others over the years without paying a premium price to do so.

A well laid out and fairly informative site that is easy to navigate. While a little light on information (no pictures of still, charcoal filtering or aging warehouse) it gives you a good background and has a number of recipes too along with the information about each brand and the FAQ’s are some of the best we have ever seen.

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